Saturday 11 August 2012

The Morning After

The Morning After

(Adult Romance)

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One photo changes everything...
A mortifying incident in her youth has shaken sense into Cara Byrne. No more bad-boys. No more getting arrested. Instead, hard work and good behaviour has earned her a job teaching at the local Boys Secondary School, and a proposal from a worthy man. So what if he doesn't exactly light her fire - surely passion is overrated?
When her friend since childhood, Ethan Quinn, storms back into the small Irish village he left to pursue a career as a Hollywood action hero, she's stunned to discover she's as susceptible to his lethal charm as every woman in the world. And when a compromising photograph floods the media of them in a clinch, her almost fiancé reveals his true colours, CarEthan starts trending on twitter, and she loses her job, could anyone blame her if she accepts his invitation to hide out at his Malibu beach house?
Ethan loves women, but never lets his girlfriends into his heart. He's failed at being there in the past, and won't put his heart on the line for anyone, ever again. But Cara's a different matter - and when passionate attraction is added to his friendship with the one person he's always confided in, he's thrown for a loop. Cara's lost everything, and like it or not, he's responsible. There's no fighting the attraction that blazes between them - but when the month long affair is over, will he ever be able to let her go?

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My Review...

I stumbled across this read and thought what the heck. I am always a sucker for stories where there are celebrities involved. I am so glad that I read this book.

From the beginning you love Cara and Ethan. Sometimes in books it is hard to feel where the love began but I felt this emotion was well portrayed and believable. I am also a big fan of Ireland so it was great to have the book in both Ireland and the states. 

I liked how there was just a bit of miscommunication issues and that theme did not take over the whole book as so many others do. 

I love stories where people were best are best friends turns lovers. There is something about the deepness of that connection when this happens. 

I thought this was a good cute read. 4 thumbs up! 
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

The Morning After

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