Review Policy

I'm backed up on Reviewing, due to this I have to hold off on any new reviews at this time.

Thanks for understanding!!

Here is the Skinny on Reviewing: 

I can do reviews on Self-published, Indie or Mainstream (large & small press) novels in the following genres:

YA Contemporary
YA Paranormal Romance
YA Romance
Urban Fantasy
Adult Contemporary
Adult Paranormal Romance
Adult Romance
Chick Lit

With Requests please include:
1) Title
3)Brief Description/Synposis
4)Deadline/Time frame to be read
5)Bound book or ebook format
6)Your website/twitter/facebook or blog information

Please ONLY submit Fiction. Thank you

After accepting the request I prefer e-books (preferably mobi or pdf) or bound books

When a request has been approved and the deadline to being read has been met I will submit an honest review on my blog Live Read and Breathe, Goodreads and Amazon (if available)

Attention Authors and Publishers. I am willing to participate or host in blog tours, giveaways and promotions 

I wish I had time to blog only, but real life dictates me to have a full time career.  As of late this non-blogger life is becoming too busy decreasing my time to read and review.  To try and accommodate all facets of my life I have a new posting regimen.

On my blog I will post 4 and up only.  With the occasional worthy mention below that rating.  If part of a blog tour I will post 3 and up. If you want to find out ALL my ratings please go to my Goodreads page here with all my ratings.  If the review is for an author or publisher and the rating is below a 4 I'll still give feedback directly to the author or publisher.

Thanks for understanding the change and for supporting my blog by visiting on a regular basis.

Contact me:
Twitter: @dlaurencampbell
Facebook: Live Read and Breathe
Blog: Live Read and Breathe  
Book Blogs: Lauren Campbell

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