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Unforgettable (Unforgiven #2) by Elizabeth Finn ~ #bookreview
Unforgettable (Unforgiven #2)


The sequel and conclusion of Unforgiven.

In Unforgiven, Darren and Bailey proved forgiveness is possible even after a painful past, but absolution isn’t the end of their story. Trust has to be rebuilt, faith restored, and the strength of their bond tested.

They may have stopped battling each other, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. And life has a way of packing the biggest punch—the most painful…

When life throws a curve ball, the future they fought so hard for is at risk. And when Bailey’s resolve is weakened, Darren has to carry them both. She may be his world, but is he strong enough to shoulder the weight of that responsibility? Her trust in him is critical, but has forgiveness given her enough peace to put her every hope and dream in his hands?

A woman forgiven… A man redeemed… A love unforgettable…

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
This is the sequel and conclusion to Unforgiven

My Unforgettable Review ...

Argh! Here is the thing! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Unforgiven and thought it ended perfectly.  After that it's hard to read the next book not knowing if it is going to be better or not reach the same expectations of the first book.  In Unforgettable this is a continuation of Bailey and Darren.  Hoping that they would immediately get their HEA was a pipe dream because the reality for these two was anything but easy.

In the first book, Bailey was so strong and overcame so much.  After making a terrible choice she lives with the consequences even with the hateful action of the hurt and angry Darren.  But once Darren realizes his wrong he changes his tune and does nothing but put Bailey first and loves her like he was meant to.  In this book to me Bailey started to come across weaker and more timid then she first presented in Unforgiven.
"What if he hurts me again?  I don't think I could handle it." 
Sadly I'm in a 'whiny heroine reading funk' and this book didn't help to get me out of it.  During the first part of the book Bailey is scared that Darren is going to hurt her.  But lets be honest he had a lot MORE to forgive than she did, and if he was able to forgive her, then I don't know how Bailey had such a hard time not moving forward and forgiving Darren.
"You make a decision.  Move forward or end this."
For Darren, he'll do anything for Bailey but her indecisiveness, combined with her running and pushing him away is slowly torturing him.
"I crave your trust in me.  It feeds my soul."
For Darren, Bailey is his everything, his unforgettable, but stubborn Bailey is not seeing it.
"My life, my universe, my everything, my unforgettable.  You will always be my world.  Trust that."
As Darren and Michelle convince Bailey to buck up, things start to move quickly where they find themselves at a good place.  You knew the shoe was going to drop because once they are happy and married, Bailey starts to feel like she is missing something so instead of you know talking to the ever present loving Darren she holds it in once again. Grrr!

After she actually communicates, she finds out Darren is on board. Duh! (that's what happens when you communicate)

As Darren and Bailey embark on this new part of their journey Bailey goes a bit crazy with her emotions and actions.
"Be patient.  And stop peeing on things."
Again you think things are looking up, then BAM heartbreak again.  I liked the realness of them as a couple going through things that are very normal for most couples but they way Bailey handled it frustrated me.   I don't know why but I'm so disappointed with how much weaker she comes across in this book but I am.  It could be the reading funk and I'm getting jaded or she's just weaker.   She tends to only think of herself during a lot of this book where she makes big decisions not thinking about how it will affect Darren or them as a couple.
"You killed me with this, Bailey. I don't have ... any idea what I'm supposed to do now. "
Thankfully again she has a kick ass bestie who helps her see what she is doing. As well as she has Darren, who is constantly fighting for them and for Bailey to be happy no matter what. 

I still love and adore Elizabeth Finn and the book was well written with a beautiful story but ... 
To reiterate I did really love the first book and I did like this book especially the realness of the obstacles that they're facing as a couple but I will be honest I would have been just as content with only book one.  Or maybe if they were combined as one large book then maybe I would have liked it more but after you leave the high of Unforgiven,  it's hard to meet that expectations of the powerfulness of the book.  Or maybe if I had loads of time between the two books then maybe I would have liked this one more, from salivating for more of Darren and Bailey but since I read them so close together I was sadly let down a bit with this book compared to Unforgiven .  broken heart

3.5 Forgiven thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

My Review of Unforgiven




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