Thursday 20 November 2014

Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett ~ #bookreview


**Warning: This book is a wild, sexy beast of a read. 18+**

Putting a woman on her knees before me is what really makes my cock hard. I fuck with dominant force and absolute control. I demand complete surrender from my conquests.

Savage man, loner, warrior… I am dangerous at my core. I have lived amidst the untamed wild of the rainforest, in a society that reveres me and where every woman falls before me in subjugation.

Now I’ve been discovered. Forced to return to a world that I have forgotten about and to a culture that is only vaguely familiar to my senses.

Dr. Moira Reed is an anthropologist who has been hired to help me transition back into modern society. It’s her job to smooth away my rough edges… to teach me how to navigate properly through this new life of mine. She wants to tame me.

She’ll never win.

I am wild, free and raw, and the only thing I want from the beautiful Moira Reed is to fuck her into submission.

She wants it, I am certain.

I will give it to her soon.

Yes, very soon, I will become the teacher and she will become my student. And when I am finished showing her body pleasure like no other, she’ll know what it feels like to be claimed by an uncivilized man.

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Big Dog Books via NetGalley
Genre: Adult Erotic Contemporary

My Uncivilized Review ...

So I don't know what I expected from this book but I loved it.  Zach is an insatiable animal.  

I simply adore Sawyer Bennett and all her writing.  Thank you Sawyer for writing a strong independent heroine. Thank you!!!! It has been awhile since I have read a strong heroine and Moira fits the bill. 

This story was so different than your usual Contemporary, sure you have your lust, sex and love but instead of tons of insecurities, it's about growth and evolution.  For Zach, he had so much loss and change in his life.  At 26, he finds himself living within an indigenous tribe for the last 18 years, after his missionary parents unexpectedly die leaving him in the amazon by himself.  After awhile the tribes takes him in and he becomes part of them to only years later to have that taken away as well.  Finding out that his godfather wants him back to the states is pissing him off because he doesn't want to leave what he knows as his way of living. 

For Moira it's her job to take Zach home to the states, but she can't stop being drawn to his sensual dominant being.  Even though Zach is mad especially at the flame haired goddess, he still can't help to be drawn to her. He shouldn't be because she is everything opposite of what he thought he wants in a woman.

Moira helps Zach find his way in the states and tries to deny his sexual curiosity but in the end gives in to this sexual being.  Zach and Moira have a instant sexual connection but they both have a lot to learn.  

Sure there was more sex than story at times or maybe the story was sex but in the end I still loved.  It was refreshing and sexy.  Zach and Moira have to find a way to meet in the middle of this modern world and his more simplistic ways.   They both have to learn to compromise their beliefs in order to match what their hearts desires.  It was a sexy, yet still a sweet book that I definitely recommend.

4.5 Sexy Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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