Sunday 30 November 2014

No Denying You (Danvers #5) by Sydney Landon ~ #bookreview
No Denying You (Danvers #5)

After Emma Davis’s first week at Danvers International, she’s convinced her boss will drive her crazy…

Being the assistant to uptight workaholic Brant Stone is more than Emma can bear. But in her weaker moments, she can’t help but admit that the sexy control freak can turn her on with an insult more than any man she’s ever met...

So when Emma gains an unexpected advantage, she blackmails Brant into accompanying her to her high school reunion. After all, the enemy she knows is preferable to a blind date arranged by her meddling mother.

But before they realize what’s happening, they are doing more than acting the part…they’re living it. The war that has been raging between them shifts playing fields to the bedroom, as hate turns to lust and then to something so much more…

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Signet /Penguin
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 5 in a cute series

My No Denying You Review...

So much mixing business and pleasure at Danvers International.  This book is part of a series, it could be read as standalone but it is much better read as part of the series.  Instantly Emma and Brant are like fire and water when they first meet.  To them they start to hate each other but each won't quit or give in.  To everyone else their connection sizzles and is the ultimate foreplay but when will Emma and Brant figure it out. 

Brant is a tightly wound professional who had a chance on love and it blew back in his face so why try again, he has his job and his family what else does he need.  Emma loves life and the super square controlling boss is cramping her style thankfully she has a fun loving family and her new friends at Danvers.  

Even though they can't stand each other they still like to poke the fires in their constant battle between each other, until one day Emma needs a favor and black mails Brant with his sexy past to get what she wants.

After being blackmailed and evading the fall out from Emma's post dental shenigans , Brant let's his stiffness go away to act a part of Emma's boyfriend to only have it feel more real then anything he's had in the past. 

Even though they are pretending they can't stop the chemistry and given in but for how long.  As they start to explore their relationship, Brant's past comes walking into his present causing all kinds of grief for the new shaky duo.  With this new shaky ground Brant flees instead of dealing with the challenge head on causing more stress then good especially when Emma needs him the most.  But like all Danvers' s men he needed the right motivation to claim what is his.  

Thankfully I'm slowly coming out of my very long reading funk and this was the perfect combo I needed.  It had charm, humor, sparks, drama, angst and loads of love.  I'm such a huge fan of this very sweet charming series and I can't wait for more as I'm dying to find out about Ava.  

4 Charming Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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