Tuesday 14 July 2020

Off Plan by May Archer (Whispering Keys #1) #bookreview #MM #MMromance

Off Plan

(Whispering Key #1)


I came to Whispering Key for a job. That was all. To show the world Mason Bloom could be more than a small-town doctor living a medium-sized life.

Private doctor on a swanky island with a posh resort? Check.

But from the moment I set foot on this island, nothing went according to plan.

I didn’t expect to find the resort falling apart.
I didn’t expect the people here to be so charming and crazy and welcoming and real.
I didn’t expect legends about shipwrecks and buried treasure.
And I definitely didn’t expect Fenn Reardon, the island’s incredibly attractive, incredibly infuriating, incredibly male resident tour guide, to become the one person I can’t live without.

Thirty-five’s a bit late for me to realize I'm not straight, though, right? And I have big dreams that won’t fit on Whispering Key, anyway—dreams that do not include tying myself to a tiny island stuck in the past or to a man who refuses to think about the future.

My head’s telling me I have to leave Whispering Key…
My heart’s telling me there might be treasure on this island after all.


Source: Kindle Unlimited
Genre: MM Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 1 in a new series

My Off Plan Review . . .

I absolutely adore this author and I have loved the Love in O'Leary series. So when I found out there is a new series and it is also slightly a spin off from The Secret #3 in the O'Leary series I jumped at the chance to read it. Mason Ross is Micah's brother, we got to meet him in The Secret but you do not have to had read the Love in the O'Leary series to read this new series. It's just a nice jumping off point, plus you get to see the brilliance of May Archer and all the quirkiness of O'Leary.

~Loafers opened the door but only took one giant step toward the beach before he looked down at his shoes and frowned, like he'd only then realized utter incompatibility of loafers and Whispering Key Beach. There was a metaphor there, if the poor sap could only see it.~

I didn't think we could meet more fascinating people than the people of O'Leary but the people of Whispering Keys are hysterical and I adore all of them. Mason is a bit of a stick in the mud but jumps at an opportunity to start fresh and make a name for himself. Fenn is in Whispering Keys but has a chip on his shoulder and Mason represents everything he hates.

Mason and Fenn have a bit of a love hate relationship but they both are what they need to find their true happiness. I loved that Mason's realization didn't get drawn out nor was there any shame, just surprise. I like the fact that it didn't cause him agony in that regards, as he had stress in other ways.

I loved Fenn's family and that the whole time they have been trying to help Fenn see his true potential but he needed Mason to help realize the truth. All the characters on this island are a hoot and I loved them all.

I loved Mason and Fenn's story and I can NOT wait for more as this series has so much potential and so many amazing characters, but it looks like Micah and Constantine will be making an appearance soon on Whispering Keys as well.

I loved how during the story there was a treasure hunt going on at the same time which was a great metaphor to both of their lives. We get to find many treasures during this story but there were also some details left unanswered that we hopefully will find out more as the series progresses.

Love this author and can't wait for more from her and this series.

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