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Careless Whisper Series Revival Tour ~ Lisa Renee Jones #giveaway #bookreview #preorder #teasers

Today we have the blog tour for The Careless Whisper Series by Lisa Renee Jones. Check out this fantastic series, and grab your copy before the final book, Surrender, releases this December! 

About The Careless Whisper Series:  


From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, the CARELESS WHISPERS series. This is a spin-off of the INSIDE OUT series (in development for TV) that follows Ella Ferguson, Sara McMillan's best friend.

Ella Ferguson awakes alone in Italy, unsure of who she is, and a gorgeous man has claimed her as his own. He's tall, dark, and sexy, with money and power, the kind of man who makes a girl want to be possessed. And he does possess her, whispering wicked wonderful promises to her, stealing her trust and her heart. Soon though, the past finds her, yanking her from a cocoon of passion and safety. Everything is not how it seems. The truth will shatter her world, but it can set her free, if it doesn't destroy her first.


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Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Gallery Books via NetGalley
Genre: Adult Erotic Suspense
Part 1 of a spin off series

My Denial Review . . .

I have to admit I'm a huge fan of the Inside Out series and I've been dying to find out Ella's story.  Throughout the Inside Out series we have been left with bits and pieces of Ella.  So, it was quite surprising to start this series with Ella having amnesia leaving us not having a hot clue how she got there.  Which was all the more fun and intriguing with this series.

Memories are the enemies that never die.

Ella wakes up to find a mysterious man named Kayden by her bedside.  She doesn't know him but there is something about him that makes her want more.   Ella has vague memories but is having a hard time putting everything together which makes it hard for her to know whom to trust.

The whole time we don't know if Kayden is on the good side or the bad side but you can't deny the electric charge between these two.

"You brought me here and then left.  Do you want me here?"
"Too much.  That's the problem."

The more that time goes by the more Ella is starting to remember, but still having a hard time putting it all together.   As she starts to remember she also starts to let Kayden in because she can't seem to deny him.

"You're mine to lose-not his to take."
Of course like the rest of Lisa's series we are left with a cliff hanger making us want to find out more from Ella and Kayden and to find out if she can truly trust him or not.

3 . 5  Suspense driven thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up  . 5




Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Gallery books
Genre: Adult Erotic Suspense
Part 2 of an ongoing series

My Demand Review . . .

After being left with a cliffhanger in Denial I jumped at the chance to find out more from this series.   What we are finding out is not all seems as it appears in Ella's new world and her memories aren't adding up.
" I do trust him.  I just don't trust me.  I don't know me."
Ella and Kayden light up the sheets and I love the bond between them but I'm dying to find out all of Ella's memories and Lisa is having a fun time giving us tidbits pulling us along through this journey.

Even though Ella's memories aren't adding up the more and more she's trusting Kayden.  Its everyone else she's not trusting.  While Ella and Kayden are trying to put the puzzle pieces together, Chris and Sara finally get to find Ella which is good and bad for Ella.  Because the more she finds out from the past the more she knows things aren't as they seem.

However, the truth of Ella's true identity could risk everything with Kayden, which only leaves us with another cliffhanger.  Surrender can't come soon enough for me as it has felt like YEARS that I've been waiting to find out all about Ella.

3 . 5 Still waiting for the truth thumbs up!

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Behind Closed Doors: Amazon: B&N: IBooks: Amazon CA: Amazon UK: Kobo: Other:     

Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Gallery Books via NetGalley
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Standalone yet also part of the Inside Out series and the Careless Whispers series

My Behind Closed Doors Review . . .

Finding out that this standalone book is both part of the Inside Out Series and the Careless Whispers series I jumped at the chance to find out more about the elusive Ella.

Even after all of the Inside Out series and the two from Careless Whispers we still are just skimming the surface to all that is Ella.   In Behind Closed Doors we get to see a different side of her which is gearing us up for Surrender which is book three in the Careless Whispers series.

Skye has come across a new friend from yoga class, whom is full of energy and super lively.  It's hard not to be friends with someone like that.  So when Ella gets her hooked on Storage auctions she ends up joining her friend only to get herself into a world of trouble.

Ella ropes Skye into buying a a storage unit, which she didn't really want to buy.  Now out $700, Skye goes through the storage unit and finds it useless except for a blackmail note and a poker chip.

While at the storage place Skye comes across a sexy mysterious man she calls 'Trouble'.  And what a fitting nick name it is, because Jason ends up being trouble all right.  Good and bad trouble.

Jason is a super open love em' and leave em' type of guy because his true love is poker and his loyalty to his family.   All he wants is to stop being blackmailed and Skye could be the key to this.

"Life's too short for fears, baby."

Skye has a reason not to trust easily but something about Jason makes her want to take a chance.

"You aren't crazy, Skye.  You're real, and real doesn't mean perfect.  In fact, it's always flawed. . . ."
Skye may have found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time but its turning out to the be the best thing that has happened to her.   From the beginning things were different then their normal routines where it came to each other, so not giving in wasn't an option.  Now all they have to do is win and stay alive.   Jason may have been a 'player' before but now that he's met Skye everything has changed.

I have to admit that I liked the first 75% very much as it was in the usual Lisa Renee Jones flare but the last 25% fell flat for me, as I felt it was too rushed and quickly resolved making me want more from it.  Thankfully though it gave us more incite into the elusive Ella and we start to realize that there is a whole bunch more that we will get to find out soon in Surrender.  Which I can't wait for.

3 Liked it but wanted more thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up



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About Lisa Renee Jones: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series, which is now in development for a television show to be produced by Suzanne Todd of Team Todd (Alice in Wonderland). Suzanne Todd on the INSIDE OUT series: Lisa has created a beautiful, complicated, and sensual world that is filled with intrigue and suspense. Sara’s character is strong, flawed, complex, and sexy - a modern girl we all can identify with. I’m thrilled to develop a television show that will tell Sara’s whole story - her life, her work, her friends, and her sexuality.   

In addition to the success of Lisa's INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is presently working on a dark, edgy new series, Dirty Money, for St. Martin's Press. Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women's Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine. Lisa loves to hear from her readers. You can reach her at and she is active on Twitter and Facebook daily.    


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