Tuesday 11 October 2016

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One band. Five love stories. Too many secrets. We’ve been waiting a long time to find out how the band Tattoo Thief will deal with drummer Dave’s toxic ex—and the secrets she’s been collecting on everyone. It was worth the wait. You don’t have to be a fan of the series to love a book that starts fast with a huge wow moment and then unpacks the band’s secrets. In fact, you don’t have to read the earlier books because each book is a different love story about a different member of the band. 
About Say it Louder: 


I had a choice—dump my toxic girlfriend, or break up my band. It should have been easy. But she’s been collecting dirt on all of us for years. Just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom, a pink-haired street artist rocks my world. They call Willa “the Parking Lot Picasso.” I call her my refuge, my center, my last reason to hope. When Willa’s life on the streets collides with a sudden spotlight on her art, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her. But when the spotlight turns on my secret shame, she might be my only salvation.   

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About Heidi Joy Tretheway:


Heidi Joy Tretheway is a sucker for campfires, craft cocktails, and steamy romance in books and real life. She sings along with musicals (badly), craves French carbs, and buys plane tickets the way some women buy shoes.   Her first career as a journalist took Heidi behind the scenes with politicians, rock stars, and chefs, all of whom inspire her stories. Heidi Joy is currently working on her tenth book from her home in southwestern Washington.  

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Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author and Inkslinger PR
Genre: NA/Rockstar Romance
Part 4 of an ongoing series

My Say it Louder Review . . . 

It has felt like forever since I read Revenge Bound book 3 in this series, which sadly made me miss a lot of details in this book .  I had to abandon Say it Louder to skim Revenge Bound so I could get up to date on Dave and his whackadoodle girlfriend.

With Dave I've had a love/hate relationship with him throughout the series.  He was one of the pillars that kept the band together during their rough patches, but he was also the slave driver that almost split them up.   Now add his crazy girlfriend into the mix and I developed mix feelings for Dave.  After his girlfriend's latest actions, Dave is now forced to chose between his girlfriend Kristina or the band.

It should be an easy decision but it's not easy when Kristina has been basically blackmailing Dave for months.   Dave finally takes the risk and breaks it off with crazytown but he's stuck spiraling with his own guilt and heavy secret.

We first met Willa in Revenge Bound and since she friends with Stella and Violet, she's the perfect outlet for Dave.  At first Willa thinks the worst of Dave until she starts to realize that she judged him before she got to know him.    Afraid to go back to his apartment in fear of his ex's actions, he hides out with Willa.  At first she was a great distraction but soon she turned into something so much more for Dave.

Willa is a spitfire and full of life but she's had to fight tooth and nail to get there.  With this trait she has a pretty big wall around her and has a hard time taking help from others, since all she's ever been able to rely on is herself.

Dave helps Willa become the artist she deserves to be but Dave's past is kicking him in the ass.  Now both Willa and Dave have to face their demons if they want a future with each other. 

I do quite like this series and I did like this book quite a lot but it's definitely not my favorite of the series.  The other good news is that this series isn't done yet.  In this book we get to meet a new character, which means a next book within this series.  Yeah!!!

I liked Dave and Willa and was stoked he finally kicked Kristina to the curb.   I didn't quite feel the deep bond between Willa and Dave instead it came across a bit more like a couple of convenience that turned into more, however I don't think that was the intent of these two.    Once I got over that piece they did start to grow on me.  And for the secrets, it took for friggin' ever for Dave's past to finally come to light.  By the time it did it was a bit predictable, however Willa's role in it helped heat things up with it.   As it was a bit predictable, the climax of suspense was also quickly swept away for such a big lead up.

For me there were ups and downs but more ups for sure.  Especially because we get to see our other faves from this series.  And finally Dave won me over with more love than hate for his character.  In Say it Louder we get to find out why Dave operated the way he did, and we got to see what his passion is, and what was driving him the whole way.

3 . 5 Dave finally Mans up thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up  . 5


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