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(#DOS Part One)

Release Date: February 28, 2017

The debut novel of a masterfully emotional, high stakes trilogy that will have readers forfeiting tradition to gamble with love…

December and Austin have a traditional, storybook marriage complete with defined roles. Married young, they’ve shared nearly a decade of passion and love. December’s submissive nature is perfectly suited for her husband’s authoritative, yet adoring personality and he seamlessly holds the indisputable role of head of the household.

But Austin harbors secrets, and the pressure of losing his job makes those festering skeletons impossible to ignore.

Turning to alcohol instead of his wife, Austin finally drives December into the arms of their closest friend, Cord, despite her intense loyalty. Cord has loved December since the day they met. His moral compass is challenged and lines are blurred when Austin steps aside and insists Cord take his place.
Forfeiting all, Austin must face a harsh truth. Take control of his life, or forever lose the woman he loves. 

WARNING: This book contains subject matter suitable for mature reading audiences. Some content may be offensive to sensitive readers. Degrees of Separation is a ménage trilogy with many emotionally graphic encounters and challenging situations that break the rules of traditional romance.


It was like he no longer saw her, just looked right through her, when she used to be all he could see in the whole world. No matter what she did, he stayed away—alone—wandering through the house at night and sleeping all day. She had pride too, and he’d been chipping away at it, scarring her with deep tattoos of doubt.

Something happened to a woman when her husband no longer touched her. First there were the superficial frustrations of unrequited desire, but then it became something worse. The insecurity, fear, and uncertainty ate away at her insides.

Her self-esteem fractured, perhaps beyond repair. Tiny little shards of self-worth were all she had left. Even if he came to her now, begging and full of apologies, she feared someone might get cut.

This rut seemed to get deeper and darker every day. She was losing sight of the light and worried she’d never see herself out. She needed to feel alive, feel something. She needed to reclaim control and pull herself back to her feet, which was why this job with Cord was imperative.


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Lydia Michaels

Lydia Michaels is the award winning author of 30 romance novels. Her novels from the darkly compelling Surrender Trilogy were iBooks Bestsellers and her work has been featured in USA Today. In 2015 she was the winner of The Best of Bucks Award and she has been nominated as Best Author in the Happenings Magazine two years running [2015 & 2016]. She is a four time nominee for the prestigious RONE Award. Her books are intellectual, emotional, haunting, always centered around love.

Allyson Young

Allyson lives in cottage country, Manitoba, Canada with her husband of many years and numerous pets. She has written for many years and after reading an erotic romance, quite by mistake, decided to try her hand at penning one. She has now published three series and several stand alones in contemporary, sci fi, fantasy and suspense genres. Allyson will write until whatever is inside is satisfied, until the heroes man up and the heroines get what they deserves. Love isn’t always sweet, and Allyson favours the darker side of romance.

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Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Authors
Genre: Erotic Romance Menage
Part 1 in a new trilogy

My Forfeit Review . . .

I didn't know what to expect from this book largely in part because I refused to read the synopsis.   All I saw was Lydia Michaels and I said YES!!!! And now I'm even more glad I didn't read the synopsis, because I was completely drawn into the story from the start with no expectations.

December and Austin have the quintessential relationship, where no one would doubt their love or passion.  But that doesn't always hold true, and for December she learns this the hard way.

Austin's best friend Colt, has always been there for them, so when things go south December relies on Colt for help,  but its not easy when Austin has his own demons and Colt has his own secrets.

This book sucked me in and I went along with the journey, now I can't wait to complete the trilogy to see how this is all going to play out for them.

This book in a trilogy is often hard because it's the set up of the story and it can either pull you in or turn you in the other direction.  But with Forfeit I was pulled in and I know a thunderstorm of passion is in the horizon for these three.  Can't wait!!

4 Anticipation filled thumbs up!!!

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