Monday 15 October 2012

Book Boyfriend Monday - Jake West

I went into the archives of my book boyfriend this week and found ....

Jake West from A Little Less Girl by Tess Oliver

Some of the whys I believe Jake is BF worthy.

1) He sees the best in people even though people don't see the best in him
2) He loves Dani for who she is
3) He has a beautiful swimmers body. :)

Examples of why Jake is my sweetheart:

"You're not the kind of girl a guy wants to be friends with," Jake said quietly.  "You're the kind of girl he wants to give his heart to."

"About those ugly scars ..." I leaned forward and kissed the scar on her chin and then my mouth moved up to the scar on her lips. I could feel the tiny ridge of her scar on my mouth as I kissed it. I dragged my mouth from hers.  Her long lashes lifted, and she looked up at me with those incredible brown eyes of her.  My heart flipped upside down in my chest.

We kissed until we were both nearly breathless.  I gazed down at her.  "God, Dani, sometimes I can't even believe you're real."

"Amy was the other half of my soul."  He stepped forward and took hold of my hand.  "Does that mean you're in the market for a new soul mate?"

All quotes and phrases from A little less girl by Tess Oliver


A Little Less Girl


Everything has always come easy to Jake West. But when Amy, the girl obsessed with him, commits suicide, the entire town of Raynesville is quick to blame Jake. Now Amy's cousin, Dani, has moved into town. And suddenly Jake has an obsession of his own.

Dani Spencer has always dreamed of a home and normal life. When her beloved cousin and grandmother die, her wild, impetuous mother inherits their house in Raynesville. With Amy's diary in hand, Dani intends on finding out what happened to her cousin. And there's an obvious place to start... Jake West, the guy who broke Amy's heart

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