Tuesday 3 November 2015

One King's Way (On Dublin Street #6.5) by Samantha Young ~ #bookreview

One King's Way (On Dublin Street #6.5)


The New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin Street returns to the bar where it all began with Braden and Joss for a white-hot new novella full of passion and drama.

When he’s not working at the club, Craig Lanaghan looks out for his mother and little sisters. So when it comes to women, all he wants is a good time. But once Rain Alexander walks into his life, there’s no denying that this woman could be worth much more than a one-night stand….

Rain’s lifelong regret is having left her sister Darcy alone years ago with a guardian who turned out to be abusive. So when Darcy’s boyfriend publicly humiliates her in a cruel way, Rain’s overprotective instincts kick in and she follows him to Club 39—where she meets a guy who just might be her perfect match.

The chemistry between Rain and Craig is explosive, but Rain is out for revenge, and refuses to be sidetracked by flirtation. As things between them heat up, she’ll have to make a heartbreaking choice between giving in to the man of her dreams or putting her sister’s happiness first….


Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Novella
Part 6.5 of a series but could be read as a standalone

My One King's Way Review . . .

Here's the thing, I'm a HUGE fan of this series but I this novella didn't wow me.  To start with, I started to read it in an already cranky mood, hoping that this novella would lift me out of it. Sadly, if anything it made me crankier, because this novella was full of my least favorite theme.  The dreaded heroine, who assumes, runs and doesn't communicate.  I was hoping for too much from this novella.  If felt unnecessary to the series.  It looks like it could be leading to a spin off series, if that is the case then it makes more sense.  If it was just a fun story about a dude whom is a player and meets the one, then it's way more of meh for me.

We meet Craig Lanaghan in On Dublin Street as he works with Joss and Jo.  This novella technically takes place between Joss's book and Jo's.  Craig is more of the 'one and done' type of man.  Then one day a mystery woman walks into his bar. 

This mystery woman, whom turns out to be a woman named Rain Alexander.  She's damaged from her past, and houses a world of guilt.  She decides to make things right for her sister, but getting revenge on her sister's ex.  

Her plan seemed simple until she met Craig the flirt.  Rain, doesn't play the flirting game well, and her past dictates for her to be more needy, however it also causes her to assume and not communicate.

I could promise him forever.  But he couldn't promise me forever.  (Oh Rain! If only you looked at Craig's actions, which spoke way louder that words.  You wouldn't have had to assume so much)

I was being smart because this man would hurt me worse than any who had come before him.  I may have been falling in love with him, but that love was mine to give how I saw fit.  (ARGH!  Why, oh why, must assuming heroines be so daft) 

It was the agony of agreeing to let go of the man I loved.  (Another ARGH!  If only she tried this thing called COMMUNICATION, then she would have had so much less agony, but no that would be silly for this heroine to actually proactively communicate) 

As Craig slowly wins over Rain, there relationship starts to look good until a little case of reciprocated stubbornness and guilt get in the way.  Then they both do this thing called communication and compromise and lo and behold they can find their slice of happiness.

I have to admit it breaks my heart when I get disappointed in a book or novella that is part of a great series.  Instead of leaving on a high point from this series now, I'm a bit disappointed.  However, if this novella is indeed a bridge book for another series then it did engage me enough to want to read more of that world down under.  If it wasn't then it saddens me that this is my last impression of this series.  

Did I like the idea of the story? Sure, but Craig never felt significant enough through the stories that I felt he needed his HEA, but I'm glad he did still get one.   In the end this novella was a big meh for me.  I didn't hate it, besides the annoying heroine parts but I also didn't really like it as well. 

2.5 Meh Thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs up . 5



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