Sunday 3 July 2016

Addicted (Outlaws #2) by Elle Kennedy ~ #bookreview #dystopianeroticromance @BerkleyRomance


From the New York Times bestselling author of Claimed comes the second enticingly erotic novel set in a world on the brink of chaos.
Lennox used to live in a paradise on earth with his best friend Jamie, in a place where visitors came and went, allowing their desires to run free. But everything changes when a deadly attack forces them to take up with Connor Mackenzie’s band of Outlaws. Lennox knows Jamie is hung up on someone else, but he’s always believed he’s the man for her—and won’t let her go without a fight.

Even though Jamie is well aware that Lennox is one hot specimen of a man, she refuses to let sex ruin the most important relationship in her life. But when the object of her interest spurns her, she indulges in a little pleasure-filled revenge with her very magnetic, very willing best friend. One thrilling night with Lennox is enough to awaken Jamie’s unexpected desires for him. And now that she’s had a taste, she’s not sure she can ever give him up...

Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Signet | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult dystopian erotic romance
Part 2 of a series, but could be read as a Standalone

My Addicted Review . . . 

Elle Kennedy knows how to write erotica.  Yowza!!!!

There is just something about this series that sets you on fire.   This series is based in a dystopian type era, where the world is in chaos and survival of the fittest is at it's finest.  This is technically book two in a series but could be read as a standalone.

There were no safe place in the free land.

Lennox and Jamie have been best friends.  To them that is the most important thing, which is why they have never slept together.  It's also the reason why they both chase the unattainable because their hearts already belong to each other. So, its easier to find sex outside of their friendship instead of looking within.

But one unrequited heart and one stressful mission causes these two to finally give in to each other and when they do, have a fan near by.  

However, once these two give in, it also changes their relationship and both of them have to wade through the new changes this turn is taking them.  

For the most part Jamie is a hardcore badass but heaven forbid if Lennox wants to protect her as she wants to be considered his equal.  Which I totally get but when shit hit the fan it was this one woman who claims she wants to be equal that was the one who was screaming and hysterical instead of being a bad ass.  WTF???  I have to admit that part threw me, as did Jamie's acting before thinking responses to the new changes of their new relationship.  At times her responses irked me more than inspired me as I'm always a huge fan of good old fashioned communication.

"What am I thanking you for?"
"For talking you off a ledge.  For making you see that you're a stubborn motherfucker who needs to stop slapping her man and start telling him when he's hurt her feelings."

Lennox loves deeply but the fear of ever losing his heart is the catalyst for a lot of his actions but, is not having love worth the what if?   Lennox as well makes some errors when it comes to Jamie but together they find their way.  And along this journey more heartbreak than I was prepared for happened.  Kade . . . I can't even talk about that one.  I think it will take awhile to truly understand the reasoning for that story line.  Which is fine by me because there is so much more to happen in this series.

Normally dystopian books can be a hit or miss for me but so far this series is a definite hit, and I can't wait for more to find out how all the outlaws are going to fair in this chaos which is just growing and growing.

4 Need to cool down thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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