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My Book Boyfriend Monday - Nico Medina #bookboyfriend #thehardcount @thegingerscott

Finally, a book boyfriend and he is  Nico Medina  from The Hard Count by Ginger Scott.  It has been a LONG time since I found a book boyfriend worthy of this spot, but Nico Medina was the perfect boyfriend and deserves to be honored.    

Some of the reasons why I love Nico. 

  1. When life gives him lemons he makes lemonade
  2. He's extremely loyal
  3. He loves wholeheartedly
  4. He's wickedly smart, academically and street smarts
  5. He is hope.

Here are some examples of why I fell in love with Nico:

All phrases and quotes taken from eARC courtesy of Ginger Scott and Wordsmith Publicity
The Hard Count

Nico Medina’s world is eleven miles away from mine. During the day, it’s a place where doors are open—where homes are lived in, and neighbors love. But when the sun sets, it becomes a place where young boys are afraid, where eyes watch from idling cars that hide in the shadows and wicked smoke flows from pipes.

West End is the kind of place that people survive. It buries them—one at a time, one way or another. And when Nico was a little boy, his mom always told him to run.

I’m Reagan Prescott—coach’s daughter, sister to the prodigal son, daughter in the perfect family.
Life on top.
My world is the ugly one. Private school politics and one of the best high school football programs in the country can break even the toughest souls. Our darkness plays out in whispers and rumors, and money and status trump all. I would know—I’ve watched it kill my family slowly, strangling us for years.

In our twisted world, a boy from West End is the only shining light.
I hated him before I needed him.
I fell for him fast.
I loved him when it was almost too late.

When two ugly worlds collide, even the strongest fall. But my world…it hasn’t met the boy from West End.

Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author and Wordsmith Publicity
Genre: YA Contemporary Sports Romance

My The Hard Count Review . . . 

From the first time I picked up a Ginger Scott book I have adored her and here she has given me another reason to love her and her stories.   I loved this book.

However, I was talking to a girlfriend and she told me not to bother with this book, which surprised me because this is Ginger Scott we are talking about here.  So unfortunately I was a bit biased when I started to read the book, but then I started to see her point because the booked started out a bit slow, but once I reached the 30% mark I WAS HOOKED, and the book just kept getting better and better.
"Exceptions are responsible for pivotal moments in history,"
Sometimes when books start a bit slow its either the best reward for sticking through till the end or its a complete waste of time and a big disappointment, but with this book.  Totally worth it.  I laughed.  I cried.  I smiled.  I hoped.  I yearned.  I got angry.  And then I fell head over heels in love with the sweetest boy possible, Nico Medina. 

Nico was a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.  He was also brilliant, passionate, loyal and determined.   Reagan Prescott was a girl from what looks like from the outside the perfect family on the right side of the tracks.  She was also the coach's daughter, and a nerd.  But she was also loyal and craving for more.  

Yes, this book was a YA romance but it was also so  much more.  It dealt with societal politics, cultural and societal assumptions, bureaucracy, loss, hope, love and family.   We always assume that's it's greener on different pastures, but that normally ends up false.  At first glance you would think things are better on the 'right side' of the tracks but in reality the wrong side is where the heart was.  The right side is where the back stabbing, pettiness, politics, favoritism, superficiality and loneliness exists.  While the ironic part is the two sides aren't that far apart in reality. The differences are one has a prettier face while the other has a loyal heart. 

At first Nico and Reagan were great adversaries where it came to academics, but really they challenged each other to be better.  Even though at first Reagan thinks Nico hates her, she quickly realizes that she was mistaken the more she gets to know him.  
"It just made me think.  There is always going to be someone who doesn't like the idea of two people together.  Black, white, Latino, gay, rich, poor-it's all just shit we make a big deal out of, Reagan. . . . "
While Reagan is filming a documentary for her university admissions she ends up finding a gem in the rough with Nico.   When the star QB, whom is also Reagan's twin brother gets injured, they need a hope and a prayer for this team to win state.  The coach, who is Reagan's father has had only one loss with this football team,  but when politics and favorites get involved the board of the school is looking for any flaw to squeeze him out.  With that on the line and the loss of his star QB he takes a chance on the boy Reagan thinks has potential. 

What first starts as potential turns into so much more.  Nico doesn't only have potential.  He has what it takes, plus he ends up being the heart of the team and the community.
Nico is the twist in the tale.  He's the element of good.  He's what humanity should be-the lesson to be learned.  He is hope.  
Nico and Reagan start slow but it eventually blossoms into something beautiful.
"Anything will last if you give it enough love,"
I have to admit that I wish there were a ton of real life Nico Medina's because every young girl deserves their own Nico. 
"And two, I wouldn't care if you were green.  Me liking you . . . you like me.  That's kind of our deal, and that's all that matters okay?"
These two worlds aren't that far apart. 
"Some people are racist.  Some people are jealous. Some people are just fucking ignorant," 
But at the core of the matter, love, hope, loyalty,  and family is what counts.  What we think is family isn't always blood.  For these two families they both got to realize what the word truly means. 
"That kid is something special, and I'm not going to let what happened to me ruin it for him, Reagan.  You tell him I promise, okay?"
Nico isn't just sweet.  He's talented.  He's also lived more then most should at that age.  Plus he's smart and good looking.  The real package deal.  When someone like that comes around, you can only want him to exceed.  Well most can, some their own insecurities and wants can get the best of them causing them to make decisions that aren't best for everyone.

It has been forever since I read a great YA novel.  Sure it was a romance but it wasn't just about the relationship.   It also wasn't a romance novel that just focused on the relationship and sex, instead it had heart and was super tame when it came to that the story line.  I liked that it didn't focus on that, instead it showcased the heart and the beauty of the story instead.   There were so many elements that made this story.  There was also a gamut of emotions that happened throughout.  The emotions are what sucked me into this story.   I adored this book and I can't wait to read more from this amazing YA / NA author.

Stay tuned to find Nico as an upcoming book boyfriend Monday here at Live Read and Breathe.

4 . 5 I freakin' love Nico Medina Thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up  . 5


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