Sunday 11 November 2012

Breaking Sin (Sin series #1)

Breaking Sin (Sin #1)

Sinthia wants to escape college unscathed and move on with her plans for a perfect life, but an unlikely friendship with Collin, the resident bad-boy, makes her rethink what she wants.

Contains a sneak peek of ' The Con'.
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My Review...
So far everything that I have read by Teresa Mummert I have friggin' loved. She is unstoppable. 
With this book it is a short, quick, passionate book about wanting someone you shouldn't have either by him being the wrong partner that Sin thinks she should have or for Colin thinking that Sin deserves better than him. Silly Collin true love always wins. 
You end up falling in love with all if the characters well expect John and Sam but that is to be expected.  So many times you want to yell at the book saying "NOOOOOOOOO! Just get to together already. How can you not see it. Argh!" but eventually the beer goggles come off. Thank goodness!
I have not a hot clue what the second book is going to be about but it don't matter I will read it and I am sure I will love it.  
4 to 5 Thumbs up! So let's say 4.5!!!!!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 

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