Thursday 8 November 2012

Get your Groove on Thursdays- Wicked Game

It was a tough choice this week for Get your groove on but I decided to go with some music from the book The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle. I absolutely loved this book and will be using it for some more thursdays in the future.  I will also be posting a review in the near future but for now....

This week's song is  Wicked Game by Chris Isaak from The book The Mighty Storm By Samantha Towle

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Heart Shaped World - Chris Isaak 

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Heart Shaped World - Chris Isaak 

Closing the door behind me, into the silence of the suite, I hear Jake strumming lightly on his guitar.  The sound makes the hairs on my arms prickle.  I stand for a moment listening as Jake starts to sing, Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game".  He sounds stunning.  On quite fee, I walk down the hall.  ROunding the corner, I pause, leaning against it, watching him.  His eyes closed. He's lost in the song. And he looks beautiful.....

This song is stunning, and not easy to sing at all, but Jake does, and effortlessly.  In this moment I realise how lucky I am to be sitting here with him, listening to him sing like this.  Most people would sell their soul to be where I am right now.  Finishing the last note, Jake smiles at me. 

Quotes from The Might Storm by Samantha Towle

The Mighty Storm (Mighty Storm #1)

It's been twelve years since Tru Bennett last saw Jake Wethers, her former best friend and boy she once loved.

Jake Wethers, sexy, tattooed and deliciously bad lead singer, and brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of biggest bands in the world, left Tru with a broken heart when he moved from England to America with his family when they were both fourteen.

Sent to interview Jake for her music column by the magazine she works for, they are both unprepared for the sparks that fly the instant they reconnect. Only, there’s a complication to their instant feelings for one another – Will, Tru’s boyfriend of two years.

Then Jake makes Tru a job offer she can't refuse - travelling the world with him and his band. But taking the job means leaving Will behind, and being on the road with the band means spending an inordinate amount of time with Jake.

Is Tru strong enough to resist the delectable bad boy who once held her heart so completely, or will she willingly risk it all for one night with the worlds most notorious womanizer? 

From Goodreads

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