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Moving in Reverse (Moving Neutral #2)

Moving In Reverse (Moving Neutral #2)

New Adult
Source: Kindle
What happens after the fairy tale ends?

Last summer, Casey Snow's life changed in an instant after a chance encounter with Blake Parker, the lead guitarist of her favorite band. In weeks, she went from being an average high-school student to the paparazzi-plagued girlfriend of a rock star -- all while dodging tabloid rumors that she was responsible for the breakup of his band, Moving Neutral.

Moving In Reverse follows Blake and Casey past their whirlwind summer, into the reality of their first semester of college. Everything isn't as perfect as they'd hoped: Casey struggles in her classes and tries to fit in with her sorority-obsessed roommate, while Blake wonders about the career he left behind. And while Blake and Casey adjust to college, Moving Neutral is getting closer to signing a new guitarist... and replacing Blake Parker for good.

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My Review...

So you first fall for Casey and Blake in Moving Neutral. This books starts where Moving Neutral leaves off. In moving neutral you are so happy that Blake chose Casey but in this book the consequences of this choice starts to kick them in the butt.

Casey is still trying to find her way in life and find out who she really is.  She does this in this book but with that and that fact that she is still naive and young she makes stupid choices which kick her in the ass. 

In the first book I loved Blake but in this book he disappointed me with his bad choices. He was so quick to judge Casey but didn't realize that he was doing the same thing. 

I am so happy that Casey reconnects with Sophie. We all need a good core group of good girls to help us find our way. 

Casey also meets Tanner which you have a love/hate relationship with. He can be a douche but he also have redeeming characteristics as well. 

Of course this book leaves you with a bloody cliff hanger. Grrrr! At least it is a cliff hanger of hope. I am such a hopeless romantic so my fingers are crossed that in book three Blake and Casey find their way back to one another and can make it last. 

4 thumbs up! thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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