Thursday 13 December 2012

Undeniable (Undeniable #1)

Undeniable (Undeniable #1)

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Warning: This is not a typical love story. This is an all-consuming, soul-crushing, tear-your-heart-into-pieces story. It’s intense, gritty and raw, dark and disturbing, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is an epic love story that knows no boundaries and has no time limits. It grows and develops—with hurt, sacrifice, and heartache—over the span of a lifetime.

Eva Fox is the princess of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club. Growing up with bikers in the club lifestyle is all that she knows. When she’s a young girl, Eva meets the reason for her existence. Deuce West is the sexy, biker bad-ass of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Like Eva, he was born and raised in the club—but that’s where the similarities end. Their first meeting is innocent, but as Eva matures into a woman, their chance reunions evolve into a fit of lust and love. Fate continues to bring them together time and time again, but their twisted journey is filled with pain, betrayal, and bloodshed that could tear them apart. Eva sees in Deuce what he cannot see in himself—a man worthy of love—and Eva spends her lifetime proving to him that her undeniable love is the one thing he can’t live without.

This is Eva and Deuce’s story.

It wasn’t easy.
Nothing worth doing ever is.
And love is worth everything. 

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My Review...

So this book is a love story. A super unconventional love story but a beautiful story none the less.

It is a provoking edgy raw yet crass love story.

It is in the world of the MC (bikers) which I have absolutely no knowledge of in reality.  You get lost in this world that Madeline has created. So many times you are like Noooooo or wtf? but in the end you are so happy to finally have the perfect halves finding one together.

The story of Eva and Deuce is such a crazy unrefined roller coaster of craziness. It is crazy to see such beauty in the middle of such ugliness.

I am so excited to see what happens in the next installments with Danny and then with Cage (Deuce's children)

If you have read Motorcycle Man book 4 in the Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley or Sweet Dreams book 2 in the Colorado Mountain Series by Kristen Ashley then you will love this book and vice versa if you love Undeniable then you would like either of those two books as well.

It was an amazing journey of love and a beautiful story definitely worth a read.
5 Thumbs up! thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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