Sunday 2 December 2012

The Wedding Blitz (Foolish Games #3)

The Wedding Blitz (Book 3) (Foolish Games #3)

Mature YA/New Adult
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The final chapters in the Foolish Games Series, The Wedding Blitz, have arrived. Joie, Lizzie, and Riley need each other even more. Joie needs Lizzie and Riley to help with the upcoming wedding and trying to win over Hawkins’ mom. Riley needs Joie and Lizzie to help get Harlow comfortable with coming out of the closest. And Lizzie needs help with. . . well Lizzie always needs help. Join the threesome on their last leg of the ride as they laugh, grow, and love together.

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My Review...

First off I want to say thank you as I was given the opportunity to read this for review. Second I want to acknowledge the cover. It is stunning. 

Sometimes when a series comes to an end it can be a bit flat but NOT in this case. I loved it! I have loved this series from the beginning and was NOT disappointed with the end. It was great to see the growth and evolution of J.T, Joie, Lizzie, Warren, Riley and Rob.

This story starts off basically where the second one ends. Of course Joie and her terrible luck comes knocking on her door once more leaving the gang in a tizzy.  The beauty of J.T and Joie even gets more inspiring. 

When you were reading it you were lead to believe that it might be a predictable plot but NOPE quite the twists and turns were thrown in and the big one which I can't reveal without spoiling it was beautiful. In the end you even love Lizzie and see all her flaws now as a part of her character in a good way and Riley has always been dear to my heart so his strength and love for Joie shines in this book. You want nothing but the best for him.

In this book I went through all my emotions but I think my favorite part are the letters. They are great and you get a real look into the heart of Joie and J.T. This series was finished amazingly well with no loose ends just beauty and love. 

I loved it and I recommend this series to all. I do have to admit though I am sad to see the end of J.T, Joie and the gang hopefully Leah and Megan will create another fantastic series to fill the void ;) 

5 Heartfelt Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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