Tuesday 16 February 2016

Wild Aces by Marni Mann ~ #bookreview #releasedayblitz #eroticromance

Wild Aces 
Trapper Montgomery 
His darkness drew me in. 
A mystery with a past I wanted to solve. 
He was cold, like ice, but set me on fire. 
A heat I hadn't felt in ages. 
But when I saw his face, I burned... 
In mourning
Brea Bradley 
She melted from my voice--shuddered from my touch. 
But trembled from the memories 
That my face brought back. 
She wanted more... 
Maybe even him. 
I wasn't the hand she counted on. 
But I was what she was dealt...

A Wild Ace with no way to win. 

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Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author
Genre: Adult Erotic Romance
Standalone and a spin off from the Unblocked Series

My Wild Aces Review . . .

Holy Hotness Batman!

This book was filled with a whole bunch of sexy rolled up with a bunch of holy shit did that just happen.  I was hooked from the beginning to end and I loved it!

This is technically a standalone book but it's a spin off from the Unblocked Series. You don't have to read Unblocked first but it does help understand the bond between Brea and Frankie.   Brea and Frankie work together and are also best friends.
"I wish I had something wise to tell you right now.  But there just isn't any advice in the friendship manual for this type of situation." 

Now that Frankie has found her HEA with Derek, it's time for Brea to move on.  It's not easy for Brea, as she's still recovering from the loss of the love of her life, Cody.  However, Brea is never one to turn down a good time.  So when Frankie and Derek are hosting a masquerade party, Brea is all over that opportunity.

Trapper has had a completely shit life, but he's survived. And now he's doing whatever he can to help others or at least that is what we think, because for the majority of the book we are in the dark about what Trapper actually does.   Trapper is a client of Derek's so when he runs into him, he's invited to the party.

Now with masks in place and a chance meeting Trapper and Brea meet.  There are sparks immediately and for the first time Trapper wants more.  Unfortunately he's on a plane the next day to leave.  Thankfully with texting and phone calls Trapper and Brea keep their spark going with a little sexting and phone sex, while he's away.  The fact that they haven't seen each other beyond the masks makes it more intriguing, and for both exciting as they both want to explore more

Now's the time for the masks to come off and then . . . insert holy shit moment here and all hell breaks loose.   I kind of saw it coming but yet I didn't.  This was such a great twist into the story and I loved it.   With this twist it helped balance the erotica with a great story.

There were so many details and layers with this twist that I was swallowed into the story wanting to find out all the hows and whys.  Once the shock was over and logical minds were used both had to come to terms with this new development.  Thankfully one way to get through darker times is sexing it up and these two have no problems in that department.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this story after Unblocked but it definitely did NOT disappoint.  I loved it from beginning to end.  There were so many great characters in the book with so much potential for more stories.  I can NOT wait for Prisoned, Garin's story. 

Loved it!  4.5 Dark & Dirty yet still light and loving thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up  . 5



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