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Blind (Mastermind #1) by Lydia Michaels ~ #bookreview
Blind (Mastermind #1)


nerd: /nərd/ (n.) : A single-minded, sophisticated individual who is often unsatisfied with anything less than mastery when pertaining to a subject of interest. (e.g. The girl that broke his heart.)

Scarlet Farrow is disappointed—and a little drunk—after another disastrous blind date. Motivated by too much merlot and too little sex, she journals a longwinded rant questioning where all the real men have gone. By bottle two, she mistakes the tirade for quality journalism and submits it to the local newspaper. When the paper publishes her drivel, exposing her deepest secrets and leaving her mortified, she swears off wine, writing and dating. Having swum in the dating cesspool too long, she’s saddest about the wine.

Asher Roan has earned a fortune as the co-creator of a social media network, but his wealth tends to be all women see. Uninterested in a hollow imitation of love, he avoids dating as a rule. He trusted a female with his heart once, and she pulverized it, an experience he’s never gotten over or been able to move past.

When Asher reads Scarlet’s editorial tender feelings resurface and he confronts the opportunity of a lifetime. Utilizing the resources at his disposal, he diligently researches what women want as he embarks on a personal transformation from geeky introvert to sophisticated alpha male, delivering the performance of a lifetime. His only condition…she must come to him on his terms and her trust—BLIND.

Fantasies blur the line of reality as both Asher and Scarlet yearn to see the truth after so many secrets have been left in the dark.

Source: eARC For Honest Review Courtesy of Author
Genre:  Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 1 in a new series

 My Blind Review . . . 

I'm a HUGE fan of Lydia Michaels. HUGE!!!! But I have to sadly admit that this was definitely not my favorite.  I liked the premise of the book and I liked parts of it but I didn't love it.  This book had many LONG chapters which I find hard to keep being captivated as the chapters felt never ending.  I usually prefer smaller chapters especially if I'm reading a book that I have to put down to do things like life or work.  I hate putting books down mid chapter as I lose the momentum but with this book I had to put it down mid chapter or not start the next one knowing that it was a 31 minute chapter coming up. 

The idea of the book was cute where a high school geek who turned millionaire still had the psyche of the bullied geek and the heart that went with it.  A heart that had fallen in love with the cheer squad girl, but the heart that also broke because of said girl.

This girl is now a teacher and thirty.  She's single and a closet geek, but she's also extremely lonely and having no luck in love.  After a bottle of wine she chooses to write her woes down onto a letter which she drunkenly sent to the local paper.

Asher Roan finds out his first crush Scarlet Farrow is in need of love.  At first it starts at a bit of redemption for his once broken heart, but then it turns into helping himself be a man who can give a women everything he didn't think possible.   He didn't mean to fall in love with Scarlet over again but it happened and now his deep seated insecurities are getting in the way.

For Asher to help give Scarlet everything he wants, he becomes the persona of Mr. Stone.  At first, Scarlet fights the idea because she can't see who this man that is promising her a new opportunity but she digs in deep and lets go to get the full experience. 

They both had deep seated insecurities that made them much more real characters.  They both also had to work through the pasts which they did by seeing through the eyes of the other.  I loved the concept of falling in love blindly which helps cemented their relationship because they fell in love with the person not the superficial looks.  Of course it was a bonus for them that Asher ended up also being good looking.  It is true that often people fall in love the idea of it or the fantasy of it but to truly fall in love is a different story.  This was portrayed well with that concept. 

Like I said I liked this book but didn't love it.  Which is okay because I can't love every single book I read. Will this stop me from reading more into this series?  No, not at all as I'm invested with all the characters.  Will this stop me from reading more of Lydia Michaels?  Absolutely not, as I flipping adore her writing and there was nothing wrong per se with it, I just didn't jive completely with it is all. 

3 Blind Love Thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 



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