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Dashing Through the Snow by M. Leighton #releaseday #bookreview #christmasromance

Need some fun to brighten up the holidays?  Need some heat to warm up the cold nights?  Well,this is just the thing.  DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW, a sexy, snowy Christmas story by M. Leighton is LIVE!

A dash of perfect for the holidays!

Dilyn Hart hates Christmas, so when her boss (and ex-boyfriend) hands her an assignment to interview champion snowboarder and gorgeous playboy extraordinaire, Dash Grainger, on Christmas Eve, she takes it. There are several things she doesn’t plan for—a surly driver, a chalet in the middle of nowhere, a freak snowstorm—but the biggest surprise of all is Dash himself.

Dash Grainger lives for the high, and so far in his twenty-six years, he’s never met anyone or anything he loves more. Nothing has ever thrilled him as much as slick snow, cold air, and breakneck speed.

Until he meets Dilyn.

But one perfect night doesn’t mean clear, blue skies the next day. Some storms can’t be weathered.

Christmas might just be one of them.

Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Author
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

My Dashing Through the Snow Review . . . 

It has been FOREVER since I read a M. Leighton book and what a shame that has been.  I forgot how much I adore her stories.  In Dashing Through the Snow we have a super short and sweet story about love and second chances with a Christmas theme to get us ready for this holiday season.

Dilyn has her reasons to hate Christmas but when her ex/current boss sends her to interview the risk taking, extreme sport athlete the last thing she was expected was to rekindle her love for Christmas.

Dilyn is adverse to risk takers so the last thing she wants is to interview Dash Grainger.  But a job is a job and it will give her some to think about her ex boyfriend and what they could be in the future.   However, this interview didn't start out on the right track with them being stuck in a middle of a snowstorm and add the fact that Dash Grainger makes the once competent Dilyn Hart tongue tied.

The chemistry was instant but Dilyn has her reasons to keep Dash at bay.  For Dash, he's a love em' and leave em' type of guy, where all the women he's with know the score. But something about Dilyn wakens something up in Dash that makes him question everything.

At first they try to do the right thing but its hard to ignore fireworks.  Once they given in, the sparks come to life causing lust at first sight to morph into a love a first sight type of scenario.  But can a risk avoider and a risk taker make it work?  Not when the ex wants more and miscommunications and assumptions come through in droves.

Now their very quick feelings have to fight for what is right, as soon as they start to communicate instead of assume.   This was a super sexy and sweet holiday read.  However, because it was so short some of the nuances of their relationship were missed for me.  Causing me not to be fully engaged into their story.  And with it been so quick I didn't quite feel the love at first sight, let me give up everything for each other type of love.  But it was still sweet. And I loved the idea of the story.  It also gave me a smile to my face and made my miss M. Leighton that I know, I now have to get back on my Leighton wagon and catch up on the books that I have missed of hers.

3 . 5 Sexy and Sweet thumbs up!

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