Tuesday 11 April 2017

Unplugged by Sigal Ehrlich #bookreview #NAromance #rockstarromance @Bookenthupromo

Unplugged (Unplugged #1)


It was supposed to be a lot of things...but not this.

After surviving the long and excruciating recruitment process, I thought I would end up working for Madonna or the CIA at the very least.
Boy, was I wrong.

Even in my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined what I was in for. What my heart was in for.

I couldn't have possibly fathomed the lifestyle, the responsibility, how much it would take out of me, the inner battles, and mostly, the emotional whirlwind.
I could never have imagined, prepared myself for, or anticipated…


It was supposed to be a job. Just a temporary job. Just a few months. Just a short stop before the journey I was about to take to follow my dream.

It was supposed to be a lot of things...but not this.
Little did I know it would be the one event that would shape me, would change me, would bring on such a shift in the balance of my world.
Would bring...


Would bring…

Into my life.

*UNPLUGGED is the first part in a two-part, new adult,
non-love triangle, non-cheating, series; it has a cliffhanger-ish ending.

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Book Enthusiast Promotions
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Part 1 of 2

My Unplugged Review . . .

This was my first Sigal Ehrlich and won't be my last.  I adored this book.

Ivi Kert has a heart of gold and is on a life adventure to help the unfortunate.  However, she still needs money to aid her in the ability to give back to the people who need it.  This lands her in the nanny job of a lifetime.

Tyler Lee Adams is a huge rock star and the last person she thought she would be working for.  For the most part Ivi was a strong character with some elements of insecurities where it came to Tyler.  However, she quickly realizes that we are all the same and need not worry about the little things.

"Strip socioeconomic status, religion, gender, age, and ethnic background off, and you're left with a human.  We are all, after all, the same.  Flesh and blood.  Flesh and blood and oh-so-much drama, kid.  We're all equal; we all wake up each morning and deal with whatever life has in store for us.  Some of us have it easier, some don't.  But yeah, we're all the same, so that's where you should be coming from."

Tyler and Ivi try to fight the attraction to one another but when they realize that this relationship can have a deadline they give in, as that will work for both parties.   What they didn't expect was to feel more than they were able to give.

"Don't you ever say that.  I'm the one who should be grateful for you to be with me.  Maybe I'm good at singing, but you, you're the sweetest, kindest, most genuine person I've ever met. You have so much to offer.  I can only strive to be half the person you are."

Watching these two fall for one another was super sweet and I loved every moment of it.  However, Tyler's son and the relationship between him and Ivi may be my favorite part of the story.

As we are trucking along in this story we feel the end is near which starts to break my heart since Ivi has commitments to others but I was rooting for her and Tyler to find their way the whole time.

"Last night, I told you that you should find what you want to do, grow.  What I failed to say is that I want to be by your side when you do that."
Even though there was a bit of closure we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger and now I'm dying to find out more from these two.  To see if they can survive in each other's worlds and to what compromises are going to need to happen to keep both of them happy.

This is my fist Sigal Ehrlich and I'm so hooked on this story and I can't wait for more from Tyler and Ivi.

"I want you to come back to me."
Can't wait for #2.

4 Adorable thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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