Sunday 24 June 2012

Where I Belong

Where I Belong 



A heartwarming and witty debut novel about a spoiled city girl whose life is turned upside down when her father loses his job and she's shipped to Broken Spoke, Texas. Who knew country-living could melt this snobby ice-queen's heart?

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My Review...

So, Let me tell you Gwendolyn Heasley did a great job portraying a spoiled rotten girl that you just wanted to shake her so she could see beyond her self. 

For the most part I liked this story I felt I needed a bit more but I can not put my finger on what I needed though.

In the end you are routing for Corrine and you are so happy that she gets her head out of her ass and sees the big picture. 

I think the best parts were all the people she meets in Texas like her grandparents which I adore, Kitsy who is so loveable and of course Bubby.  I really hope there are good things about Corrine and Bubby in the future but I have a feeling that my luck might run out on this thought with the next book in the series. (fingers still crossed though) 

It is a cute story about finding out who we are and what is important and I think that was shown in the book. 

For a cute YA read I do recommend this and I give it a 3.5 stars thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up .5

Where I Belong

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