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Brave Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous #3) by M. Leighton ~ #bookreview #releaseday
Brave Enough (Tall, Dark, and Dangerous #3)


From the author of the New York Times bestselling Bad Boys novels comes another dark, sexy story…
Is she brave enough to give her heart to a man she only thought she knew?

He was the most charismatic man I’d ever met. Strong, tough, brave. Bold as hell. Something told me Tag Barton could have anything—anyone—he wanted...and he wanted me. It didn’t matter that he was wrong for me in practically every way possible. It didn’t matter that my father would hate it.

I couldn’t resist him. Even if I’d known who he really was and what he was really capable of.

When he suggested we pretend to be engaged, I thought he was the answer to all my problems. He wasn’t. And, in his wake, he left nothing but scorched earth and me, just another casualty of my father’s war.

Can I believe him now when he tells me he loves me?  Or is he nothing more than a beautiful, breathtaking lie?

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Part 3 of 3 but could be read as a standalone

My Brave Enough Review . . .

M. Leighton is one of the first authors that I fell for when I started to read fiction again so, I have a huge soft spot for her in my reading heart.  But sadly I have to admit that this series didn't do it for me.  It wasn't badly written per se but each and everyone of them was unforgettable.  I just read this a few days ago and I took a blank on the characters and had to revisit the synopsis to refresh my memory, which isn't a good sign.  With each book I couldn't recall the book ahead of it in the series.  Thankfully they could be read as standalones but it saddened me that I had to dig DEEP in my memory bank to get a vague recollection of these books and couples.

Tag is one of three whom were part of a Special forces group.  Within this group the three of them made a deep bond.  The first two books were about Jasper and Rogan, and now its Tag's turn to fall in love.  

Weatherly wants a break from her life to get her head on straight before she makes a decision that can impact her whole family.   The one place near and dear to her is her family winery where Tag's family helps run the place.  This is where she meets and falls for Tag. 

"Because you're type of woman who wants a man's undivided attention and I'd love nothing more than to give it to you."

Tag knows Weatherly needs help from her family so he starts a pretend engagement to buy Weatherly some time.  But in the meantime they fall for each other, but what would a romance book be without angst and miscommunications. 

At first Tag went into this relationship with one intention but gained so much more.  Of course he kept it secret which got him in loads of trouble.  For Weatherly, she fell for Tag quick but when she finds out he lied she's quick to run back to her family.  Which was shocking since they treat her more like an asset then a daughter, but who am I to judge that decision. 

She's so honest, so vulnerable.  I know it's hard for her, which makes me admire her all the more.  Most people aren't brave enough to admit weakness.  Maybe that's why, on her, it doesn't seem like weakness at all.  Just courage.  

Now that Tag realizes he screwed up he has to fight and prove to Weatherly that he's all in.  This was cute enough and I did like the idea of the book but like I said previously the characters were unforgettable causing the reading experience to be more of a meh than a yeah.  

2.5 Meh thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs up. 5


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