Wednesday 20 February 2013

Fall For Me (Danver's #3)

Fall For Me (Danvers #3)

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Beth has always lived in her outgoing sister’s shadow, plagued by her own insecurity about her body. It’s time for her to step out from the sidelines and experience what life has to offer—then she’s laid off from her teaching job, and has to rely on her sister to get her a job at Danvers International. Nick Merimon is gorgeous, wealthy, and a well-known playboy—just the sort of man Beth has always avoided. But even she can’t deny the sparks that are flying between them. He could be just the man to show her what she’s been missing all these years. And after they share one heart-stopping night together, she is surprised when it leads to a relationship. But as their connection grows, and the realities of their romance begin to show, Beth will have to overcome both her own insecurities and her doubts about Nick’s intentions if she’s ever going to find lasting happiness… 

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My Review...

Ok, so this is my second review since I some how deleted the first one crying

I truly adore this series and was jumping up and down to find out that their may be 6 books in this series. Woo Hoo!!!! We meet Beth and Nick in Not Planning on You and in there I fell for both of them.  However in this book we get to the meat and potatoes of Beth and Nick.  With this knowledge my love for Nick just keeps getting deeper and deeper because even though he is completely clueless when it comes to love you can not do anything but love him.  He adores Beth and treats her like gold even before she was having his baby.  

Now with Beth she started to grate on my because her insecurities and self perception were over bearing at times.  I know this needed  to happen so we can figure out what makes Beth tick but at times I wanted to throttle her for being so ignorant in this area.  You get it once you learn about Beth's parents and past. Her character was so strong yet so weak at the same time which made Beth well Beth but the evolution of her potential was beautiful and I felt Sydney touched on eating disorders and loss quite well.  

Now let's talk about Nick and Beth as a couple they were complete opposites yet fit well together.  One of the things that I loved most was the dinner scene when Nick stands up for Beth.  It was truly amazing and passionate and full of such love and conviction.  The chemistry between Nick and Beth was palpable, raw, needy and complete.   Love this book and this series.

4 Heartwarming Thumbs Up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


For the first two in the series:

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