Saturday 24 October 2015

Hot Holiday Nights (Play by Play #10.5) by Jaci Burton ~ #bookreview @BerkleyRomance @SignetEclipse #erotica #menage #MFM
Hot Holiday Nights (Play-by-Play #10.5)


Victoria Baldwin is a successful sports agent who always puts work first—unless she’s on vacation. Then it’s all about play. On holiday in Hawaii over Christmas, she meets Alex McConnell, a successful young surfer on the islands for a surfing competition. She couldn’t think of a better vacation fling. But when she meets Ben Reynolds, Alex’s manager, she realizes she wants both men. This could be her hottest holiday ever, and the vacation that changes her life.

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix | Penguin Group
Genre: Sports Erotic Contemporary Romance Novella
Part 10.5 of an ongoing series but can be easily read as a standalone

My Hot Holiday Nights Review . . .

This is one of those novellas, that's not exceptionally deep, but its quick, hard and fast.  It's part of this series but can be read as a steamy standalone.

Victoria Baldwin is featured within the series as she's a sports agent, but finally she has a moment away from the stress of her job.  She takes this opportunity to decompress and get her groove on. 

Very quickly she meets a younger scrumptious male who's not only easy on the eyes but easy to get on with.  Alex McConnell, is a professional surfer and super down to earth, as well as very sexually charged.  He loves woman a bit older because they know what they want and go after it. 

Their chemistry is explosive and immediate.  Ben Reynolds is Alex's best friend and business partner who happens upon them one evening.  Instead of being embarrassed about it, Victoria embraces it and takes Ben into the fold. 

At first Ben and Victoria have an easy flirty banter, since Victoria has never had an ongoing thing with  two men at once, but with Ben and Alex, it's easy and comfortable, so she makes the leap. 

Alex and Victoria already had loads of chemistry, now add Ben into the mix and it goes off the chart.  

Normally I get a bit annoyed when novellas or novels have more sex and substance but for this one it just worked.  There was still a relationship building but the passion and chemistry were enough to carry it through that you didn't completely miss the substance part. 

As of late this series has been going in the negative direction for me with the whiny, annoying heroines but with Victoria, she's strong, honest and knows what she wants.  Instead of wallowing in her pity of what if, or pushing people away in case she gets hurt, she embraces the possibility and goes forward taking the risk.  And for her, Alex and Ben it was worth the leap. 

This novella isn't deep but it's quick and dirty, and it fit the bill for what I needed in a read right now. 

3.5 Hard and Fast thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5



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