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Mine (Holton Woods #3) by HelenKay Dimon ~ #bookreview #romanticsuspense @BerkleyRomance @SignetEclipse
Mine (Holton Woods #3)


Praised for her “hot and bold”(Kirkus Reviews) romances of erotic intrigue, the author of Only and Mercy now delivers her most daring novel yet…

She doesn’t depend on anyone for anything. He intends to make her his completely.

Natalie Udall thought her position at the CIA was secure—until protecting her team earned her an armed escort into certain danger. Natalie can’t stand the idea of being secreted away in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, especially since it means sharing close quarters with the controlling bodyguard enlisted to keep her alive.

Gabe MacIntosh joined the military to support his son, trained as a sniper and dealt with death on a regular basis. Now retired and operating a security firm, his first assignment is to protect a CIA agent on the run. She’s strong willed and difficult—and all Gabe can think about is exerting his domination and stripping her of every expectation she has.

Natalie has no intention of giving in to Gabe’s straightforward demands of dominant sex with no attachments—even though the very idea of giving up control thrills her like nothing ever has…

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley | Penguin Group 
Genre: Adult Erotic Romantic Suspense
Part 3 but can be read as a standalone

My Mine Review . . .

"You make it sound easy to move forward."
"It's not.  Not even a little."

So . . . I did like this book.  It was good but it could have been better if I was in a different mood.  Sometimes when you have to read for a deadline versus want to,  it can change the reading experience.   For some reason throughout the whole book I was never in the mood to read it and the book didn't completely engage me enough to get me into it.  It's like being on the outskirts of a reading funk.

The writing was good.  The story was good.  The sex was hot.  The heroine was strong.  The hero was strong.  But . . . I wanted more.  I don't know what I wanted, just more. 

Natalie has been one of those love to hate characters in the other books but here we get to see behind her shield.  From the beginning, Gabe has been intrigued with Natalie, but has a strong line that he doesn't cross between work and personal.  However, the more he gets to know her the more he wants to cross that line.  

"I was an asshole."  It was a flat-out truth he couldn't deny, so he said it.  "Absolutely."  She didn't open her eyes as she mumbled the word against his skin. 
"Like, a totally fucking asshole." 
"I'm not disagreeing."

Gabe can only hold out so long before he gives in.  At first it starts as a sex only agreement but since they both challenge each other in a good way, it quickly becomes so much more.  As Gabe's trying to keep her safe from some potential threats, he also has to deal with his brother Rick interfering in his life. 

"She equals you.  She is never going to be easy."
Natalie, has been dealt a pretty shitty hand but she made the best of it.  But that doesn't mean she completely understands things she's never personally experienced on her own.  With Gabe, everything is new, which scares her and causes her not to always make the best decisions.  She has great intent but not always the best methods.

"Again, you didn't pick an easy woman."  Andy slapped the back of his hand against Gabe's chest.  "Man up and fight for her."

With Gabe, he's been hurt before and doesn't trust easily, but with Natalie he wants to, even though that too is put to the test.

"You're running.  Just like you always do.  She didn't look away from his stare.  "It's a skill that works for me."

"You ran before I could hurt you, and I get that.  It's second nature for you.  A reflex that kicks in when you get scared." 

A great thing about this story was the fact that the heroine was a runner and I still felt her strong and liked her.  Normally when the heroine runs instead of communicates or tries I get annoyed, but HelenKay was able to show the flaws of the heroine and still make her likeable and strong.

Did I like this book?  Yes, but also a bit no.  Like I said it was good but never engaged me enough to get me out of my meh funk.  Was the chemistry good?  Yes.  Was the story line good?  Yes, but I still felt like I was wanting more from it.  Will I read more from this series or author?  Yes.  Just because I didn't fall in love with this story doesn't deter me away from the series or the author.  

3 It's okay to need others thumbs up!

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