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Softer Than Steel (Love & Steel #2) by Jessica Topper ~ #bookreview @BerkleyRomance @SignetEclipse #releaseday #rockstar

Softer Than Steel (Love & Steel #2)

From the author of Deeper than Dreams and the Much "I Do" About Nothing novels, a story that proves that you have to find yourself before you can find love...

As rock star "Riff Rotten", Rick Rottenberg has enjoyed all the perks that fame can offer, especially now that he's reunited with his former band mate, Adrian "Digger" Graves. But despite his success, Rick is a mess. Still reeling from the death of his wife years ago and terrified his demons will end his career, he agrees to seek help for his anxiety.

Burned by a musician in the past, Sidra Sullivan has closed her heart to love. So when Rick walks into her yoga studio, she wants nothing to do with him--until the bad boy shows an unexpected soft side.

As Sidra and Rick work through their painful pasts, they realize just how strongly opposites can attract. But when a crisis threatens the delicate balance they've forged, they'll discover if their love is strong enough to weather another storm or just too broken to survive...

Source: eARC For Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Contemporary Rockstar Romance
Part 2 in an ongoing series

My Softer Than Steel Review . . . 

It has felt like forever since I read Louder than Love, and I will admit that when I read it, I wasn't originally smitten with it, but after reading this & Deeper than Dreams I feel that I should re-read it , because I have a sneaky suspicion that I will love it more this time around.  Maybe originally I wasn't in the mood or the mind frame, who knows, but now I see it in a different light and feel that I missed the boat the first time around. 

Father. Widower. Rocker. Empty nester. 

Now in Softer Than Steel, Rick took along time for him to win me over.   From the first book I have had a love hate relationship with Rick, but here we get to see why he was so driven that he didn't respect what others needed nor himself. 

You've got flames in your hair, my golden goddess.  

Sidra, for the most part I did like, but she had some not loveable moments, however in the end she was pretty good and a perfect fit for Rick. 

Sidra was allergic to giggling.  (Thank god, as I'm as well) 

Adrien is such a great guy and has a huge heart, as he can leave the past in the past.  Now that he's in a great place, he can have Rick's back and help him , even though he doesn't realize that he needs it.

As he turned to leave, he'd added,  "And a word of advice.  This guy . . . he's a little hardheaded.  But right here?"  He'd tapped his heart with this tattooed knuckles.  "He's a softie."

Rick has the exterior shell of an asshole but a soft interior which is released through the practice of Yoga and Sidra.  

At first Rick, was having panic attacks and knows that he has to do something about it.  After many recommendations, he gives yoga a try.  With luck on his side he runs into a beautiful Goddess that he can't get out of his head. 

"Anxiety isn't a sign of weakness, Rick."  Kat paused a moment, then quietly added, "I've been told it's a sign of being strong for too long."

What first starts as a teacher / student relationship turns into something very meaningful and beautiful.   Not every journey is an easy one and both Sidra and Rick have to learn the hard way, to be able to move forward. 

The world still turns.  Live goes on.

Fancy That.

For both of them to truly give into love they have to dig deep. 

"Nothing would make me happier.  And contrary to my foul mood tonight, I haven't been this happy in a long time.  I'm finally able to live in my skin again.  Because of you, Goddess.  Because you've given me a chance." 

These two may seem from opposite worlds being a yogi and rocker but the stars are aligned and fate has intervened for them to find their way to each other.

"I guess if it was a gift of love, it's never truly lost."

I did quite like this book, and I gotta say that Jessica Topper is such a great researcher when it comes to details in her writing.  Which I find very impressive.  The more real the more believable the story can be.  I don't know much about the heavy metal and music world but I do know the Yoga world and she portrayed that so well, that it even made me get back into my own daily practice after reading this book.

Who do I prefer between Rick and Adrian?  Adrian, for sure, as he's pretty loveable from the beginning where Rick takes quite awhile to love.  Will I continue with this series, if there is more?  Absolutely.  Did I like this book?  Yes, as it's so much more than a regular romance book.  It had depth in the growth of each character during their transformations.  

4 Transforming Thumbs up! 

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 

rock on! 

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