Wednesday 9 December 2015

Glow (Glimmer & Glow #2) by Beth Kery ~ #bookreview #eroticsuspense
Glow (Glimmer and Glow #2)


From the New York Times bestselling author of Glimmer, Because You Are Mine, When I’m With You, and The Affair, the latest novel in the suspenseful and sensual new series about power, sex, and the secrets that can tear us apart, body and soul…

Alice Reed never dreamed she’d escape the stigma of her disturbing past. That’s why she was shocked when, out of the blue, she was recruited to join the elite Durand Enterprises by the enigmatic CEO himself, Dylan Fall. The erotic charge between them was fast and deliciously forbidden. But as Alice opened up to worlds she’d never known, everything changed once again with a stunning discovery: there’s much, much more concealed in the shadows of Alice’s troubling childhood, and her life is about to change forever.

Now, with another piece of the puzzle of Alice’s identity revealed, a mysterious adversary plots to destroy it all—and Dylan is determined to protect her. But as Alice’s sexual addiction to Dylan turns helplessly to love, she can’t help but wonder: how deeply can she really trust him? What were his true motives in drawing her close to him? And what other secrets does he know about her past that even she has yet to learn?

Source:  eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Berkley | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Contemporary Erotic Suspense
Part 2 of 2

My Glow Review . . .

When I first read Glimmer I though it was a standalone to only find out that it was in fact not.  Since I read Glimmer I needed to find out what happened with Alice and Dylan.  You need to have read Glimmer to fully understand what is happening with Glow as it is NOT a standalone. Now after reading Glow, I'm a bit disappointed.  You know when a movie is divided into two when it should have stayed as one because the movie was drawn out and dragged on and on causing a more negative reaction than positive. This is what happened to me while reading Glow. 

Don't get me wrong when there was suspense I was curious and it was written well.  There was loads of passion and Beth Kery always does a fantastic job with that but the story as a whole felt never ending.  I kept reading it and reading it thinking when is this story going to end.  I would look to see how much time left on my kindle and it felt like it was stuck at two hours left forever. 

While reading the story this is what I was getting from it . . . sex, 'am I Addie or not?, sex, 'will he like me if I'm not Addie?', sex, camp stuff, sex, camp stuff, sex, Kehoe hates Alice, sex, camp stuff, Addie/Alice stuff, sex, Addie/Alice, sex, sex, sex, insecurities, sex, Addie/Alice, sex, Dylan/Alice drama, sex, Addie/Alice, sex, Dylan/Alice drama, then at 72% I finally really got into it as the pivotal point of the suspense reached its peak, then once that was wrapped up Alice the heroine does my least favorite thing and runs while being a martyr.  Then some woe is me, some sex, some feel good stuff, more sex and then HEA.  

Usually that combination would fall into the more sex than substance but this book doesn't quite fall into that category because when there was substance it was balanced out but the story felt WAY TOO LONG and too drawn out that I thought it was never going to end.  

Did I like Dylan and Alice?  For the most part yes, but the story was just too drawn out that I was losing interest in them fast.  Did I hate this book?  No, it's not that I didn't like it, it was just the story didn't need to be so long and I believe would have been better as one book instead of two.  Would I read another book if Dylan and Alice were the main characters?  Sadly probably not.  Would I read more Beth Kery?  Absolutely. 

2.5 Way to drawn out thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs up . 5 


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