Wednesday 17 September 2014

Falling In (Surrender Trilogy#1) by Lydia Michaels - #bookreview
Falling In (The Surrender Trilogy #1)


The debut of an emotionally charged and highly erotic contemporary romance trilogy, in which love and trust are the most dangerous games of all…

With a dark past that would have shattered most people, Evelyn “Scout” Keats is doing what no one in her bleak world thinks possible—getting off the streets and leaving her impoverished life behind. She’s a new maid at the luxurious Patras Hotel, and aims to keep her job no matter what. But that doesn’t mean she’s going to sacrifice her dignity, or let anyone into her heart. The risk of losing either is just too great.

When hotel tycoon Lucian Patras discovers Evelyn in a compromising position, he uses everything at his disposal to seduce her—a proposition that both surprises and frightens her.

Ignorant to her true circumstances, Lucian relentlessly pursues Scout as a prize to be won. But he is soon given an unforgettable lesson in love and sacrifice when he learns how far Scout has gone to gain her independence and discovers that there are some things money can never buy.


Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Penguin/NAL Publishing
Genre: Erotic Adult Contemporary
Part 1 in a Trilogy. Has a cliff hanger.

My Falling In Review ...

Gah! Totally what I needed to get me out of my reading funk.  This was one of those books that was on my TBR and I signed up saying I would review it but once I read the synopsis I wasn't sure I was in the mood for the book.  However, I had a time frame so I made myself read it and Squee! I am so happy I did.  It was great.  So not what I expected but it was so well done.  It was divided into parts.  Each part was a different POV which I felt gave a great balance and depth to the book.

Scout (Evelyn) just wants a job so she can climb out of the whole she was born into.  She doesn't just want this job, she needs it.  With a switch of plans one day she finds her self face to face with her billionaire boss.  After making a mistake with her boss she fears losing her job only to have a different kind of proposition instead. 
"You don't intimidate me, Lucian," she whispered brazenly. "Well, that's good. I don't want to intimidate you. I want to master you, love you so thoroughly, know you completely, in a way no one else ever has, and that doesn't happen when one feels threatened, coerced, or intimidated. I'd say we're making progress."
With Scout she is a bit of an enigma with her innocence but also her fierce street survival smarts.  The moment Lucian sees Scout he wants to possess her but they are worlds apart.  I wasn't sure this rags to riches story was going to work but Lydia Michaels mastered it.  I was hooked in immediately with Scout and Lucian.  They may be worlds apart but yet so similar in so many regards. 

Scout knows she is selling a bit of herself to have the comfort of a roof over her head and a meal to have, but it's only sex and she thinks she will be able to compartmentalize these things.  As Lucian pursues Scout he takes what he desires and wants to possess but what he didn't count on was taking her virtue which throws him in a loop and into uncharted territory.
"... I'll teach you anything you're interested in learning. I never want you to feel like you're less because you can't do something. Anything you want to learn, I'll teach you. Even without those skills, you're so much more than anyone else in this world."
For Lucian it is a tug and pull situation trying to find a balance to their needs and wants.  As Lucian tries to get over what he took he causes Scout to run.  Thinking that she deserves better he lets her go not realizing that he needs her in his life and she fills a spot in his heart that he didn't realize he needed filling till it was almost too late.
"Look at me. Evelyn.  I love you and you can't put up walls between us because love scares you.  Keep all your words locked in, but silence does not make your feelings any less real. ..."
Desperate to find Scout he makes a deal with the devil but worth it so he can get her back.  As he has her back Lucian teaches Scout about her self and her sexuality.  The more the explore the more they both fall.  As they fall so did I, only to be ripped open by a cliffhanger. Argh!! Thankfully this series is complete and I will be devouring the next two immediately.

4.5 Encompassing Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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