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Off Course (Off Series #4) - #Review

Off Course (Off Series #4)

Renner Caldwell has her life perfectly mapped out. She has the ideal relationship, the perfect job and all is right in her world. When a shameful turn of events happens, she boards the first plane bound for Ireland to lick her wounds and get her head back on straight.

Cillian O’Bradaigh is the sexy, front man to the Irish rock band, Over The Edge. His rising fame and sultry voice make him every woman’s fantasy come true. Not to mention his single-minded determination. To put it simply: what Cillian wants, Cillian always gets. And he wants Renner, because there’s just something about the flame-haired beauty he has to possess.

If their relationship was just about sex and rock n’ roll, it would be easy for them to get lost in their desires. Only their relationship is anything but a hook-up. Will lies, deceit and hidden tragedy get in the way, making the path to true love uncertain? Or will the girl whose been knocked Off Course, find her footing with the man who is teaching her it’s okay to lose control?


Source: Kindle
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

My Review...

Sawyer has something special with her way of capturing love with a unique twist.  They are quick paced but not too quick and each book keeps getting better and better. 

In this book we have Renner who has been burned from her past and wants to be on the straight and narrow and always chose the safe root

Cillian is the bad ass irish rocker from her past.

In five years they have grown up but not forgotten one another.

While Renner is back in dublin with her tale between her leg. She is trying to find her way with the help of her cousin

"There's nothing wrong with playing by the rules, Ren. Besides, Teagan will probably catch a disease and her lady parts will fall off."

While in Dublin she runs back into Cillian.

"I called you 'cailin alainn'. You recognize it, I'm sure. it is the same exact thing I called you five years ago, Renner."

With this run in she tries to keep Cillian away because his bad ass rocker ways is anything but safe. But Cillian's dirty talk and their pull to one another is hard to ignore.

"First, I'm not pestering you. I'm trying to make it clear that I want to fuck you into oblivion. Second, there is no other woman that I'm interested in. Clear enough for you?"

While Renner and Cillian try to act out the carnal attraction to one another they start to fall for each other which was not part of the plan.

This should be all and good until Cillian's past and need to help gets in the way of course with the help of one pyscho bitch Maeve.  This past drives a wedge between Renner and Cillian. Renner does what she is good at which is putting her tale between in legs and runs back home to New Jersey while Cillian is left to find out the truth and deal with his own personal demons.

With the help of Nix and Flynn, Renner is able to get past her stubborn ways and give a second chance.

"I'm so fucking in love with you, it physically hurts that we're not together. I only want to exist with you. I think the only way I can exist is with you."

Love this book, Love this Series

4.5 Thumbs up
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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