Sunday 18 August 2013

Wanting You (Broken Road #1) - Review

Wanting You: Book One of the Broken Road Series

After a bad break-up from her abusive ex-boyfriend Tony, Charlotte McElroy and her best friend Riley Tate decide to let loose in Las Vegas. Even though she has sworn off men, Charlotte finds herself powerless against her attraction to a gorgeous dark-haired movie star. His charming sense of humor and good looks are a lethal combination against her resolve to not get involved with a man like him. Wyatt Grayson and Miles Porter embark on a weekend of drinking and partying with their good friend and fellow actor Jesse. On a short break from filming the second installment of the Forced Romance trilogy, the trio find themselves at the mercy of the two beautiful women. Wyatt and Charlotte never intended to fall in love but when she's attacked by her former boyfriend, Wyatt quickly learns that he can't live without her. Charlotte finds herself clinging to Wyatt for her own salvation from her nightmare. But can their love withstand the broken road they find themselves on? Can it prevail despite Wyatt's promiscuous history, the temptation posed by ever-present and ever-willing bimbos, the geographic distance between them, and his demanding film schedule? Or will the turmoil of Charlotte's past, Wyatt's troubled childhood, and the threat posed by Tony keep them forever apart?

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Inkwater Press
Genre: Adult Contemporary

My review...

Ok, I have to admit this book had huge potential but it falls under I don't think the author read it out loud before publishing it as so much of the dialogue felt awkward and forced.  Also the male pov felt to feminine at times.

However, the book also falls under it did get better. It felt like about 50% of the book it picked up momentum and the dialogue felt more relaxed and real but it was left with a bit of a cliff hanger and I do not have a hot clue when book 2 is going to come out.  Grrr!

This story deals with family, friends, fame, abuse and love.

With Charlotte she is trying to start over from an abusive relationship while doing this she happens to meet Wyatt.  Instantly there is an attraction but with loads of assumptions and miscommunications things aren't smooth sailing.

At the same time Charlotte and Wyatt's BFF also hook up.  It would start out as a weekend fling but both couples got so much more than that.

As Charlotte and Wyatt muck there way through their relationship they also gain new friendships in the fight for Charlotte's safety.

 In the end Charlotte goes through hell and we are left with a big cliff hanger. So many questions left unanswered.  I need to know what happens with Charlotte and Wyatt.  I am invested in this series to see it through.

3 Damn I Hate Cliff Hangers Thumbs Up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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