Thursday 5 September 2013

A Friendship's Love - Giveaway, Playlist & Snippet

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Filled with the dreams of youth, and surrounded by the love of her family and friends, Payton Martin’s world was simple. When someone closest to her is cruelly betrayed and unjustly sent away, life afterwards proves never to be the same for everyone involved, beginning a series of events beyond her control. Somehow, through the years that follow, Payton manages to deal with the heartache of loss and rejection, all while balancing her new situation, and becoming her own woman. 

Finally settled into a life that she could only once imagine, Payton is content; especially when the promise of love is presented by someone she admires and trusts. Nothing ever goes to plan, though. Once again she is faced with surviving circumstances, and choices others make on her behalf. This time, they ultimately take her across the ocean, to settle in a harsh new land.
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I was born in Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, and raised in Alice Springs (the very center of the country). I have always loved reading and telling "tall tales" and wrote poetry all the time. My greatest influence was my grandpa Majid who kept us entertained all the time with his stories, music and passion for writing. 
I didn't tell anyone I wrote when I started because I was to shy, I have no idea why I was like that. I don't care now, I have stories to tell and I want to share them. I am not, and never will profess to be an awesome writer, but I will try to entertain, while bringing to life the history of my country, one page at a time.

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  • The Power of Love – Gabrielle Aplin
  • Alive – Gabrielle Aplin
  • Gloriana – Turn My World Around
  • Breath – Taylor Swift
  • James Morrison – I Won’t Let you go
  • Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss
  • Taylor Swift – Haunted
  • 3 Doors Down – Here Without You
  • OneRepublic – Stop an Stare
  • Paramore – The Only Exception
  • The Script – Nothing
  • Thirsty Merc – All My Life
  • Adel – Someone Like You
  • Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
“Well, you have to open it.” Still no emotion, but he started to open my present. When he had taken off the paper and turned it over to see the front, he stilled. “Is this a good sign or bad?” I thought. Then, he did the same thing I did when I saw it:  traced the outline of the black and white picture of the little pirate boy.
“Thank you, Payt,” he said, looking up to me, The expression in his dark eyes now softened. His hair was dishevelled from working and he just looked…amazing. Then, all of a sudden, he pulled away from the bench and closed the meagre gap between us. His hand came up and touched my face, ever so lightly.  His fingers followed the line of my cheek and under my jaw. I could only look at him, I couldn’t move. “It’s the nicest thing any person has thought to give me. I’m glad it came from you.”

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