Thursday 11 July 2013

Girls Most Likely to....Series by Kate Davies

Most Likely to Succeed (Girls Most Likely to... #1)

Adult Contemporary
Source: eARC for Honest Review from Carina Press via NetGalley

Book one in The Girls Most Likely to…

Ten years after being voted Most Likely to Succeed, Kelsey Moore is still living in her hometown, still working in her family's flower shop, and too embarrassed to attend her high school reunion. Only the chance to reconnect with her study buddy—and secret crush—Nathan Barrow tempts her to go.

Nathan isn't sure why he came back for the reunion after spending the past decade working abroad. But when he runs into his former lab partner, Kelsey, he's sure glad he did. The chemistry between them is as potent as ever, and when she offers him a weekend of wild, no-strings-attached sex, Nathan knows he'd be a fool to say no.

Nathan can't be tied to one place for long. But the more time they spend together—in and out of bed—the more Kelsey wonders if their reunion could become something more permanent. That is, if Nathan is still interested when he finds out she's been less than honest with him about her life since graduation… Synopsis from Goodreads

My Review...

I was in the mood for something totally light, quick and cute and this was the perfect fit.  It was short, fun and sweet.  I felt it was good paced for short book. The chemistry between Nathan and Kelsey felt good.  It was a bit quirky and passionate.  At times Kelsey's self doubt made me want to punch her in the face but with Nathan she finally got over herself.

This is a sweet series with good friends, regret, hope and love.   3 Thumbs Up!

Cutest Couple (Girls Most Likely to... #2)

Adult Contemporary
Source: eARC for Honest Review from Carina Press via NetGalley
Book two of Girls Most Likely to…

Ten years ago, Marc and Bree were voted Cutest Couple—until a graduation-night argument destroyed their relationship. Unable to contact him, Bree had no choice but to forget Marc—and raise the son she never got to tell him about.

Marc got Bree's message loud and clear when he never heard from her again. Now stationed near his hometown, he sees their high school reunion as a chance to make peace with the past. But after one glimpse of Bree, he knows he never really got over her. And after one glimpse of her son, Marc knows he's the boy's father…

Despite the secrets and lies that kept them apart, Marc and Bree can't resist picking up where they left off. But when the weekend is over, it may be too late to build the future they once dreamed of.

For Kelsey and Nathan's story, check out Most Likely to Succeed.

Releases April 29/13

Synopsis from Goodreads

 My Review...

You first meet Bree in Most Likely to Succeed so you already know there is going to be a bit of a holy shit moment for Bree.  It was great to get to hear the whole story between her and Marc.  I have to admit I was not happy with Bree and her decisions. I felt her actions were very selfish and Marc was too forgiving but loss love and the thought of what if is always hard to let go.

Another quick, short cute read with angst, choices and ever lasting love. 3 thumbs up!

I loved Tess through out both books and you know she has something fun and naughty going on with Jerermy I can not wait to find out how it plays out.  Life of the Party book three comes out May 27/13

Life of the Party (Girls Most Likely to... #3)

Adult Contemporary
Source: eARC for Honest Review from Carina Press via NetGalley
Book three of the Girls Most Likely to…

In high school, Tess Bonham was the ultimate party girl. So it's ironic that building a successful party planning business has resulted in all work and no play. But Tess loves her job—most of the time. Planning her own ten-year reunion weekend promises to be the highlight of her career, even if making it perfect for her former classmates means she won't actually have time to enjoy it herself.

Hotelier Jeremy Wright has wanted Tess for years, and he's tired of never fitting into her overbooked calendar. So when she's short-staffed, Jeremy jumps at the chance to help out with her reunion during the day—if Tess surrenders the nights to him. He's got plans for a private party, and she's the guest of honor…

Tess should say no. But she really, really wants to say yes. Spending time with Jeremy reminds her just how much fun life can be. But she's not sure she can be "just friends" once she knows how amazing the benefits are…

My Review...

Finally we get to see Tess's HEA

For Tess she was always the great side kick and the girl who everyone counts one

For Jeremy he is the misunderstood man because of his ethnicity. People believe for him to be the gopher but in reality he is more of a top dog.

Jeremy has a thing for Tess but doesn't know how to approach it so he decides to help her with her reunion with a few bedtime perks thrown in.

Tess is okay with this but is surprised when Jeremy wants more.  She can't fathom this because no one has ever put her as MVP.

Once she gets over her own insecurities and with the support of her friends (Kelsey and Bree) she opens up her heart and gets the HEA that she finally deserves.

3 thumbs up!

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