Thursday 25 July 2013

Shine Not Burn - #Review

Shine Not Burn


I can't be held responsible. Things that happen there are supposed to stay there, right? Right? Yeeeah. Not so much.

Andie's just days away from tying the knot, but there's just ooooone little glitch. Apparently, she's already married. Or someone with her name is married to a guy out in Oregon of all places, and the courthouse won't issue her a marriage license until it's all cleared up. Tripping her way through cow pies and country songs to meet up with a man who gets around places on horseback is her very last idea of how to have a good time, but if she's going to get married, make partner at the firm, and have two point five kids before she's thirty-five, she needs to get to the bottom of this snafu and fix it quick ... before her fiance finds out and everything she's been working toward goes up in flames

Adult Contemporary

My Review...

What is there not to like about a gorgeous cowboy with a huge heart. That's right Nothing.  I loved this book it was great.

After reading the beginning I was already hooked with the laughter.

"...nobody's got wood like a guy who works with stiffs all day...."

 Once we meet Mack they have instant chemistry and passion.
"Don't play with my heart, Andie. Tell me you didn't bring me up here just to strip down to your gorgeous bits and then kick me out. I don't think my ego could take it. And Neither could my...other parts of me."
"It means that if I want to get lucky with you, I should just take the risk and tell you what's on my mind, because failing would be worse than never trying."

Then I was jolted awake with the reality of 2 years passing. What???

Andie's life plan I wanted to chuck out the window thank goodness for friends like Ruby and Candace who gave her a dose of tough love and let her know that her life plan was turning her into a bit of a monster.
"Just because a person is obsessed with the idea of something, it doesn't make it right or even good for them."

With a slap of reality and a mistake coming to fruition she is sent packing to Oregon to fix her past mistake of a moment of passion and love.

Mack knew what he wanted two years ago but a little case of oopsie daisy caused two years to pass with an ounce of bitterness to the reality of being rejected but love and fate are tricky bitches and through Andie being back in his path, this time he was not letting go.

The moment Andie steps into baker city, she starts to get some needed life lessons. At the same time the Mackenzie clan claims her and take her into their fold, well with the exception of the nut case of Hannah banana (what a whack job)

"...Even though Ian got hurt, it doesn't change the fact that lies are like acid. They eat everything away eventually -your integrity, your heart...your soul.  It's not worth it."
...It's a home - a place where a person could be herself, and surround herself with people who loved her and respected her and laughed with her.

With unconditional love that Andie has never received for the first time she wants to give up her security blanket for a chance of love.

I was mesmerized. He was branding my heart, showing me that he was going to love me whether I liked it or not and that I was his and no one else's.  I'd never had anyone insist on loving me before like this....
Is love worth the chance of happiness or security a tough choice for Andie but in the end I feel like it was the right choice because if she did not chose Mack I sure that would have kept his bed warm.

4.5 Shining thumbs up!
 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5

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