Sunday 14 July 2013

Before You go Series by Clare James - Reviews

More (Before You Go #2)

One summer.
One chance to forget the past.
One opportunity to make things right.

There’s no denying the heat between Jules Taylor and Foster Sutton. They are two wild souls with a fire burning inside. Together, they create a hot and dangerous mix of emotion and lust.

But after a terrible accident leaves one friend dead, Foster is bound by a secret that keeps him from getting closer to Jules. And he’s left with only one thing to offer her – friendship.

For Jules, her relationship with Foster is getting old. He falls down and she picks him up, but they never move forward. Their occasional hook-ups are no longer enough, and Jules vows that this is her summer to forget Foster and find love. If it were only that easy.

It seems fate is pushing Jules and Foster together at every turn. And it’s only a matter of time before they give up and give in.

MORE is the highly anticipated companion story to BEFORE YOU GO. It can also be read as a stand-alone book.

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Author
Genre: New Adult

My Review...

I was given the opportunity to review this book. Thank you Clare. It could be read as a stand alone but I decided to read Before you go first. I was glad that I did because I think it added to the depth of Foster and Jules.

Foster and Jules have known each other forever and both want the same thing but are afraid to be open to the possibility in fear of getting hurt.

I knew there was a secret with Foster but I was not prepared for the humdinger that it was but it is crazy what low self-esteem and low self-worth can do to someone.  With this combo it can make a person weak then you add Jenna the she-bitch who prays on weakness to make herself feel better this can equate for not so great reality with the potential to hurt the people Foster loves AKA Jules. 

But with Foster and his own issues pushes Jules away and parties his life away.
For Jules she will always love Foster but needs to move on but then reality or aka Fate has other plans and forces them together which finally unleashes the love that they both feel but a clean slate is the way to go because secrets always come out to destroy.

Once the truth is out is there a possibility to move on?  But to move on first there needs to be forgiveness as well as healing old issues.

I am not sure if Jenna is going to get her own story but it will need to be quite the story for me to find the love for her but I know people act they way they act because of their own issues but still she will be a hard pill to swallow.

4 Secret Destroying Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Before You Go (Before You Go #1)

Paralyzed by the past and terrified of the future, Tabitha Kelly is broken.
After a public sex scandal at her college, Tabby moves to a new city with a new school, convinced she can start over. But she soon realizes the changes are not enough. Tabby must take action to help her heal and move on from the past.
And though it sounds crazy, she believes a one-night stand is the best way to take back what’s hers. If she can choose where, when, and most importantly, who … maybe she can regain control.
First, she needs a willing participant.
She finds more than that when she meets Noah Adler.
Unfortunately, she can’t go through with it. And when she tries to forget about the plan—and the guy—it becomes impossible.
Noah quickly weaves his way into her new life and her heart. But as he comes dangerously close to discovering her secret, Tabby’s at risk of losing it all.

Source: Kindle
Genre: New Adult

My Review...

Here is a tale about secrets, lack of support, hope, second chances and love.

Tabitha has a past of hurt but she is finally able to start fresh in a new town and with the love and support of her dad and step mom.

With new starts comes with no friends and not a lot of support but it also comes with people not knowing about your past.

In this new journey Tabby tries to battle her own demons but picking up a one night stand. Enter Noah who has his own demons and baggage but is drawn to Tabby.

"That's well and good, Tabby." Noah's quiet, thoughtful. "But sometimes you need someone or something. Don't miss out on that because you're too busy focusing on where you're going. Sometimes all we have is right here, right now."

Noah and Tabby have a rocky start but fate is being sneaky and they have so many outside connections that they are forced to get closer. With this walls start to come down on both sides and love and trust start to build.

"I'm in love with you. I have been for months now. I was just waiting for you to catch up. I would do anything for you, Tab."

With Noah and his past baggage also comes with Jules and Foster which are the light in the darkness for Tabby because with this she also gets Jules the friend she needs and deserves.  With this past also comes Jenna the she-bitch.

The past always has a way of catching up when we try to run from it but what we don't realize that when we have true friends and true love it doesn't matter because they love us for who we are and not what we did or for what has happened to us.

4 Noah loving Thumbs Up!
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