Wednesday 5 March 2014

Need You Tonight (Loving on the Edge #5) by Roni Loren - #review
Need You Tonight (Loving on the Edge #5)

She’s making a wish list, and he wants to be on top.

From foster kid to trophy wife, Tessa McAllen is about to reinvent herself all over again—and defy every insult her cheating ex-husband ever used against her: Selfish? She’s championing a charity. Stupid? She’s getting her degree.

Boring in bed?

Kade Vandergriff can help her with that one. When they encounter each other at a singles event held at one of his restaurants, Tessa blurts out that kink is for girls who try too hard, and Kade instantly wants to show this sassy stranger how thrilling a night under his command can be…but when he learns her name, the game changes for both of them.

In high school, Tessa was the popular girl who stuttering, awkward Kade fell for. But she chose another. Now, as she eagerly learns lesson after lesson, he’s going to make sure she never forgets him again

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Berkley
Genre: Adult Erotica/BDSM

My Review...

So this book is part of a series but I read it as a stand alone with no issue what so ever now my only problem is that I for sure have to read this whole series.

Here we have Tessa who was married to a douche bag and catches him in the act of cheating with her best friend.

After this she chooses to start again on her own but is gun shy about any new relationships. 

Her best friend Sam convinces her to go to a dating event were she meets 'Van' where for one night she lets go of her inhibitions and flies for the night.
 "I may be cocky, but 'm not going to fumble around. I'm not going to lie back and wait for you to take the lead. I'm going to feed you the best meal of your life. Bite by bite. Then I'm going to fuck you. And I promise, when you wake up tomorrow, you won't remember the food."
Kade Vandergriff sees a beautiful woman across his restaurant and has to know more. After he convinces her to have one night with him, he quickly realizes one night is not enough. 

After this night Kade realizes this woman is someone from his past and this time he will not let her go.  So, Kade does everything in his power to win Tessa over.

After years of emotional abuse and life in the foster care system Tessa has a lack of self esteem and self worth but with her new job she starts to gain that part of her back with the added bonus of sleeping with her 'new boss'.

As Kade and Tessa pseudo relationship progresses Kade is forced to deal with his past demons with the return of Tessa's ex- asshole - husband.  Once we get to find out Kade's shocking secrets you are rooting for Tessa to get her shit together so they can find happiness in each other.

While Kade and Tessa deal with their emotional wounds they find their balance and connection with their true darker sides.

I loved this book and now I can't wait to read the rest of the series.  This book had sensuality, erotica, love, emotional baggage and so much more.  This is my first Roni Loren book and it will definitely will NOT be my last. 

4 Needy Thumbs up!
 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

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