Monday 24 March 2014

Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition App Tour - #review & #giveaways

Welcome to the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector’s Edition App Tour!

Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia has been a cult hit bestseller since 2011. A homeless guy counting the smiles of a kind train commuter spiraled into a novel that was nominated by the Rockstars of Romance as one of the most romantic stories ever and won 2nd place!   It was a story that deserved getting a jumbo-sized enhancement. Extra scenes out the ying yang was, of course, a huge part of the fun. Getting to spend some of those previously undiscovered first moments with Blake and Livia or the moment he proposed was worth exploring. In Debra’s wildest dreams she imagined Poughkeepsie with its own soundtrack, anchored by her favorite musicians. When blockbuster talent Ron Pope signed on with fourteen songs and then Rustic Overtones agreed as well, she knew things were going to get crazy cool.

After almost two full years of development, the Enhanced Poughkeepsie is ready.  Debra lost count of the hours spent, as did the developer poured into this. It was beast, and more amazing than she could have ever imagined. This app became the most exceptional reading experience Debra could devise for her readers.

Check out what’s in store for you:

This app is available for all kinds of devices!

Enhanced Poughkeepsie for iPad
Website for Droid, iPhones, and Computers is coming soon! Visit 

For this tour, there is one HUGE giveaway that you totally should treat yourself to entering.

And this blog is giving away eCopies of Poughkeepsie and Return to Poughkeepsie to celebrate!


Immerse yourself in the world of Debra Anastasia’s Poughkeepsie.
Experience this bestselling novel for the first time…again as you break all the rules about books with Omnific Publishing and Debra Anastasia. In this enhanced version of the novel, you’ll enjoy insights from the author, music by Ron Pope and other artists to set the mood, and images and video that bring the scenes to life as you read. You’ll delve deeper into the world of Poughkeepsie through nearly 50,000 words of added scenes (more love, more drama, more romance!) and informative insights into how this marvelous story and its characters came to be.

Self-contained in this app (no wifi needed after downloading):
•complete novel Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia
•author/director’s pop-up commentary
•music by Ron Pope, Rustic Overtones, Monoxide G, Violet Winter, Bo Heart, and Jeff Epstein and the City Line Singers
•more than 100 images to enhance the story
•videos of your favorite characters in action
•special animation
•sound effects
•interviews with the characters, author, and more
•interactive games
•trailers for the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood series
•how-to knitting instructions
•how-to instructions for making a paper rose
•recipe for the dinner Livia makes for Blake

Debra’s website 

Source: Enhanced Poughkeepsie Courtesy of Ms. Debra Anastasia
Genre: Adult Contemporary plus cool factor because it is an App!

My Review or I guess My Experience...

Poughkeepsie is one of my all time favorite books then Debra Anastasia says 'hey can I make this even more awesome?' Then what does she do???? but turns Poughkeepsie into and interactive Enhanced App.  When I find this out I was all 'get the eff out!' then I was all 'where can I get me that app?' then the awesomeness of Debra gives us the opportunity to be part of this app tour and we get to experience the beauty that is Poughkeepsie in a more 3 dimensional experience.

With this enhanced app we get to use all our senses with music from Ron Pope as well as visuals that help solidify the experience. This app had the book coming to life with trailers, songs, quizzes, sounds, thoughts, pictures the only sense it didn't cover was smell.   It was like being able to read Poughkeepsie with Debra right beside you.  You got to get into her brain with her side notes and we get the extra bonuses of scenes that help enhance the book even more.

There is something so friggin' beautiful about Blake that he just swells my heart.

It's how he is so beautiful inside and out.  It's also in how he sees the world and all the beauty in it.

With this app we get to experience more of the brothers and how strong their loyalty and relationships are.
One of the harder scenes to read in the normal book was hard enough but now add the music and pictures and it makes Mouse's last appearance near inconsolable.
There are so many different aspects of this book that feeds your mind and heart.  If you loved Poughkeepsie than this is a must.  If you have never read this series than this or the just the plain ol' book is a definite must.  Debra Anastasia has brought this book to life and I loved the experience. 

The two things I wish were different were to have ALL the songs embedded within the app instead of only some of them and at times it was hard for me to get to the next chapter with the swipe but all in all those are very small complaints and in the end I loved the total experience.

For the whole experience 5 Loving Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up 

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