Thursday 6 March 2014

Torn (Connections #2) by Kim Karr - #review
Torn (Connections #2)

Rock star River Wilde brought Dahlia London back from the brink of hopelessness with his unwavering love and devotion. But their entangled history is about to test the strength of their relationship…

Dahlia was certain she had found true love and met her 'Once in a Lifetime’ when she reconnected with River. But Dahlia’s world comes crashing down when someone from her past resurfaces, and all of River’s carefully hidden secrets are exposed.

River wants to show Dahlia that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass—it’s about dancing in the rain. But how many times can one broken heart be mended?  Will River and Dahlia be able to stay together or will they be torn apart?

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Penguin
Genre: Adult Contemporary

My Review...

I love this series!!!

At the end of Connected we are left with a wee bit of a cliff hanger and a WTF moment.  You have to read book one before this book. If you have NOT please do not read this review as it may contain spoilers from book one.

After we find out that Ben is still alive WHAT????? we don't know the impact it is going to have on Dahlia and River.

River and Dahlia are just about to leave to get married when Dahlia receives a call that could change everything.

River and Dahlia find out that Ben is still alive and with this imformation it causes River to retreat a bit while he is dealing with his own issues while at the same time it causes conflict within Dahlia's heart.

Dahlia is mad at Ben and rightly so but she wants to find out the truth.  Once she finds out the truth from Ben she also finds out that River is hiding more secrets from her which causes her more pain than Ben's return.

River kept those secrets not to hurt Dahlia but to protect her for it only to blow up in his face when ALL the secrets come out and Holy Shit they are quite the secrets.

Ben's return can either hinder or strengthen River and Dahlia but soul mates and true love are hard to break.  Dahlia has to make a choice between the only family she has left, her first love and true love.  In the end, she realizes she can still have her family with true love and with that she gains an even bigger family.

Things are rocky between River and Dahlia but they are trying to make it work together than another huge loss can potentially set her back more but their love is now stronger than ever.

This such an phenomenal series and doesn't fit into the typical romance formulas which is my favorite part of the book. Kim Karr is a mastermind how she can keep the love story going forward at the same time keeping all the details and under currents behind the love story on par.  All the parts are so interwoven and connected.  A lot of authors have trouble keeping all the details straight but Kim Karr does it beautifully and leaves nothing left hanging. She only leaves you with wanting more. I can't wait to read more in this series.

4.5  Not So Torn Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5 

My Review | Connected (Connections #1) by Kim Karr 

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