Friday 4 July 2014

The Reality of You by Jean Haus - #review
The Reality of You

Naomi Porter was once witty, fun, and outgoing, but she has scratched outgoing off the list, along with men. She has a mediocre tech job in fabulous New York, a large smut book collection, and awesome friends, both tangible and in an online gaming community. She just doesn’t date. A future filled with cats and housedresses beats having her heart broken again.

But Naomi still likes men, even kind of stalks—mostly fantasizes about—a gorgeous one at work during lunch.

Her best friend, Kara, is determined that Naomi will be outgoing again. When Kara finds out who, as in a notorious playboy, Naomi is stalking at lunch, she plans to break Naomi of her lunchtime habit and bring her back into the real world. It’s just going to take a bit of deception.

Between all the deceiving, fangirling, and bumbling, Naomi might not be able to resist the temptation of turning her seven-month fantasy into reality. And really, so what if he’s a playboy or a demanding jerk? Her fantasies don’t include love or even like, just a bed or a couch or the back seat of a limo…

Reality might be just what she needs.

*A sexy romantic comedy intended for audiences 18+

Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy from Author
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance Comedy

My The Reality of You Review ... 

Oh this story sounds good.  A girl who was once outgoing & funny turns homebody and dull due to heartache has a huge crush on an unknown heartthrob from a far (because it is safer).  A boy who is a serial dater and doesn't take relationships seriously. A best friend, who just wants her old friend back and is willing to do anything to make that happen.  Then there is the chance where the boy and girl's world collide causing all kinds of trouble.

Naomi starts out funny but her mooning over Reece got a bit tiring even thought I get what she was going through,  but when reading it there were times when it felt a bit drawn out.

For the first part of the book Reece came across as a big twat but I think that was the point then at 50% of the book, things started to come together and Naomi started to calm down and Reece's sweetness started to come to the forefront.

Once things start to settle in and it looks like things are going good then BAM! shit got stirred.  Now I knew something was going on with her best friend Kara and I assumed one thing but then I was surprised when it was not what I was thinking but something totally else.

Also there was a part with Reece's grandmother that I felt got a bit dropped or could have caused more angst but it felt like it was a bit forgotten and there was a lots of potential angst with this.

This book had humor, heart, chemistry and love.  Reece ended up being a shining star and Naomi got over her double standards and Jean Haus rocked my world again.  Even though there was a couple of things that left me wanting more, I really did adore this book as I have everyone of Jean Haus's book.  She has a gift for writing a great story with a great balance of lightness, emotions, drama and passion.

4 Reality for me thumbs up!
 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

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