Saturday 5 April 2014

Bad Boy vs Millionaire (Rock Star Bad Boy #2) by Candy J. Starr - #review
Bad Boy vs Millionaire (Rock Star Bad Boy #2)


When fate forced Hannah Sorrento to take on the management of indie rockers, Storm, she managed to survive but, when she found out she'd been played by their mercurial front man, Jack Colt, the betrayal hit her hard.

She flees to Tokyo, where her father orchestrates a deal to save their collapsed financial empire. A deal that involves a gorgeous millionaire.

Tamaki is everything Jack isn't and, with their similar backgrounds, he and Hannah form a bond. He offers her safety and security as well as a return to her luxurious lifestyle. But the passion Jack arouses in Hannah won't be denied.

In the second Bad Boy Rock Star book, Rock Star vs Millionaire, can Hannah forgive Jack or will she take the sanctuary Tamaki offers? 

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Author
Genre: NA Contemporary

My Review...

This book starts with Hannah leaving after her run in with Jack in book one.  She is now in Tokyo with her stupid manipulating father who once again is using Hannah.  This time though he is trying to make her marry wealthy Tamaki which will make all his problems go away. 

As Hannah befriends Tamaki because of her situation she finds a bond with him because of their lonely upbringing and terrible fathers but she is still hung up on Jack.  

Once Jack and the band needs help then she jumps to help them even against the wishes of her father and displeasure of Tamaki and his father. 

Once back in the states she falls prey to her old ways and has a convenient new neighbor...Tamaki.  As she finds her way with the band and Jack, her friendship with Tamaki blossoms.  Once Jack pushes her away one too many times she immediately jumps at the chance to marry Tamaki. WTF!!!!! 

Jack is trying to do the right thing for Hannah but once him and their friends realize what is really going on with Hannah they jump at the chance to save her or is it too late????

I was starting to like Hannah more in this book then when one door closed and she thought the only next solution was to marry someone else she fell back into my bad books.  :( Jack has always confused me with how he acts but here we get to find out why he does what he does and then we are left with another pseudo cliffhanger.  Argh!!!! I just want my HEA plus I want her dad to finally get what is coming to him and now we have to wait for book 3 where hopefully we will find the conclusion for this misunderstood bad boy.

3.5 oh Boy Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up.5 

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