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Sneak Peak in the crazy minds of K.A. Merikan the queena of MM Kink and so much more ...

I LOVE these two. Their writing is outrageous and daring.  The write about taboo subjects, kinks and love when you least expect it.  Love can be found during a zombie apocalypse, a kink hotel,  clown attacks you name it they have written it.

I tell you I just want one day to hang out with Kat and Agnes.  I think they would be fascinating to know.  The stuff that comes out of those two is mind blowing and not for the faint at heart.  To love these two you have to an open mind and find love or lust in some of the kinkiest story lines.

I asked this crazy duo how they came up with some of their ideas and this is what they had to say ...

We sometimes joke that our minds are conjoined. Frequently saying or thinking the same thing, sharing one apartment and so many interests kind of does that to people ;D Ideas come at random times. Sometimes, we both come up with the same basic concept, sometimes it's just one of us. But the moment we decide we both like the idea, it either goes on the backburner or gets the instant Merikan treatment. We never censor ourselves and bounce ideas until we like the story we produce this way. Inspiration can come from anywhere so we try to keep an eye on what's going on around us, as well as in popular culture.

Special Needs started out as a light-hearted comedy about two alternative guys finding love. The original idea changed slightly when one of us came up with the idea to make one of the characters wheelchair-bound, but that still wasn't the story we wanted to tell. Inspiration came from an article about a man who wanted to lose his leg so desperately that he numbed the limb and sawed it off himself. We started searching the Internet for similar stories, and somehow everything fell into place for this book.

Stung came to life because he wanted to write a prisoner/guard story that we could set in our alternative history universe - Zombie Gentlemen. We didn't want it to be a one sided story of violence, so we designed  the main couple so that there is a bit of power play going on. The prominent element of bees was something we thought about halfway through the book, which ended up in us rewriting some scenes, but we really love how it made the whole story come together.

Doggie Bagg'd is an installment in a series of erotic shorts about a loving but very kinky couple. Every book  is focused on a separate sexual fantasy while staying realistic. The boys like role playing, humiliation and bondage, and in case of this particular story, we add our little twist to pet play.

An Onanist's Journey to Reclaiming his Seed was directly inspired by a book we found at a museum store. It was a translation of an nineteenth century medical pamphlet on the adverse effects of masturbation on a man's health. One Saturday afternoon, one of us started talking about bizarre misconceptions about sex that people used to have (and sometimes still have), and the idea for a short book was born. The story doesn't mock the protagonist's fears, or the methods he's using as a remedy to his vice because we decided that any comical effect should be the result of the reader's own knowledge. The short came out both erotic and fun.

Ideas come to us from anywhere and everywhere. They are like guests knocking at our mind’s doors, and it’s the worst when they all try to clamor in at once. All we have left is to let them in and hope they enjoy their stay :)

Often when a K.A. Merikan book is read, this is what can happen

Here are some reviews to match the' how they came up with it' books.  Enjoy!!!
House Warm'd (XXX'd #4)

--- How to make a house a home ---

Dan and Kyle have just moved in together, but to make their new place cozy, Dan wants to make friends in the neighborhood. And what better way than to invite the guy next door over? Dan’s dirty minded boyfriend has been mentioning his interest in a threesome and Dan is ready to take the plunge. He’s willing to invite someone new into their bedroom, but it will only be happening on his own terms.
Terms that involve handcuffs, duct tape and a fake gun.

‘House Warm’d’ is a standalone story in the XXX’d series, a prequel to ‘Clown’d’.


Themes: Home invasion, threesome, established couple, housewarming

Genre: erotica, contemporary

Erotic content: sizzling hot graphic language, humiliation kink, rape fantasy role play, bondage, toys, spanking, dirty talk, threesome

Length: ~11,000 words 

Source: eARC for Honest review from Authors
Genre: MM kink/BDSM Erotica

My Review...

We are back in the world that is Dan and Kyle.  What better way to show you love someone with a home invasion threesome for a house warming present.

Humiliation was one of Kyle's biggest kinks ...

I tell you only KA Merikan can come up with this stuff.  Dan and Kyle seem so cute together but the thing that keeps them strong is their tickle trunk full of kinky fantasties that Dan makes happen for Kyle.

It wasn't because he was forcing a guy to do it, but because he knew that it was exactly what Kyle wanted, but was too shy to admit to on a regular basis...

To each their own when it comes to what makes couples work but for Dan and Kyle they live outside the box and make it work for them no matter what.

4 Kinky thumbs up
 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

My Other Reviews in this Series : Clown'd | Rainbow Bash'd | Doggie Bagg'd
An Onanist's Journey to Reclaiming His Seed

--- It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young man in want of a wife, might fall prey to the heinous sin of self-pollution. ---

Benjamin Snowley is trapped in a most distressing predicament. He’d been feeling poorly and after having recently recovered from influenza, with his eyesight worsening, he knows that the fault for his declining health lays in a vice he wouldn’t dare mention in polite conversation.

Onanism, self-pollution, masturbation. All names for the same sinful affliction.

Benjamin refuses to be dragged down into an early grave by unnatural urges. When he finds out about a doctor who came up with a new, experimental method of treating his illness, he jumps at the opportunity.
Benjamin Snowley is determined to get better even if the treatment is highly unorthodox and involves an inappropriate proposition for a young stableman.


Themes: masturbation, historical attitudes to sexuality, medicine, doctor, guilt, unorthodox treatment, master/servant, groom, superstition

Genre: m/m Regency erotica

Erotic content: explicit language, inappropriate medical examination, sexual healing, cum swallowing, bareback, sex toys, body worship

Length: ~13,000 words

Source: eARC for Honest review from Authors
Genre: MM Masturbation Erotica

My Review ...

Jesus! OMG these two crack me right the hell up.  I didn't truly know what to expect when I was asked to read this book but what a tale it was.

It is a gentleman's journey to save his seed from the lustful desires of masturbation on the cautionary journey of a 'what if' he wants an offspring one day.

Problem:  A man who masturbates too much
Solution:  Sex/Felatio with a virile strapping male.
Problem solved.

Love it! Love the idea of it.  If only all life's problems had such easy solutions. LMAO.

4 Masturbation loving thumbs up
 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up
Special Needs 2 (Special Needs #2)

“Special Needs” is book two out of a two part series.

--- Caretaking. Like a boss. ---

So, Ryan isn’t disabled. Okay, he is, but he’s only got a foot missing, that’s hardly a reason to pretend he’s paraplegic and ride around in a wheelchair! Now Liam has to deal with being lied to since the moment they met, and he is not a happy camper. He doesn’t understand why sweet, innocent Ryan would do such a thing. What if there are other things his boyfriend lied about? Or ex-boyfriend for that matter.

Ryan is in a state of complete panic at the sole thought of losing Liam, his first proper boyfriend ever. But the show must go on and after the fire in his hotel, Ryan can’t only focus on his love life. He’s a serious businessman after all. Marketing, networking and promoting will be his new love life. Who needs a boyfriend anyway, when in the end, every guy is either a devotee, or freaks out about his transability? Yet... maybe if Liam stayed around the hotel, they could at least make up and become friends.

There is one more option to consider - walking. If Ryan started walking, would Liam want to be with him again? But how far can he bend to Liam’s wishes before he breaks?

Length 135,000 words

Genre: contemporary erotic m/m romance, dramedy

Themes (may contain SPOILERS): disability, deception, alternative lifestyles, fetishism, tattoos, self-image issues, financial trouble, boss/employee, abduction, transability, communication issues, self-harm, BIID

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including fetishism and role play)

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Author
Genre: MM Kinky Contemporary

My Review ...

Finally the conlusion to Ryan and Liam.

After book one we are left with the lie that Ryan really isn't disabled. WTF????

Liam the sweetheart that he is, tries to motivate Ryan into normal standards of walking.  Ryan is desperate for Liam's returned love and adoration that he will put his happiness aside.

The more Liam falls for Ryan the more he is blind to what Ryan is truly going through and how he is coping.  Since Ryan can't be is trueself he turns to pain to cope.

This story deals with so many different elements that aren't most peoples normals but they are topics that some people cope with and should be addressed.  The main themes in here are transability, body integrity identity disorder and self harm.

Not everyone feels normal in their own skin and everyone copes differently.  Once Liam realizes what Ryan needs he gives it to him. By doing this Liam finaly gets his HEA from his boss.

I really did love this story the only thing that got to me was it was LONG. I think I got spoiled with all of K.A. Merikan's short stories so, this one felt like a long one and dragged on for a bit.  However, it was fun, quirky and kinky all rolled up into one.

3.5 Liam loving thumbs up
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5 

My Review of  Special Needs
Stung (Zombie Gentlemen)

--- If you want honey, prepare to get stung. ---

October 1907, Honeyhill
Twenty years into the zombie Plague

Victor is a man of delicate sensibilities, not fit to do backbreaking labour on a farm ran by the mob. Upon arrival in Honeyhill, he decides he needs an anchor, an alliance with one of the guards, if he wants to survive. That anchor comes in the form of Crunch, a hunky ex-sailor with a pair of tight leather trousers and a ruggedly handsome face.

But from day one, Victor knows he won’t last long with the hard physical work assigned to him and the torment he suffers at the hands of a sadistic guard. He needs to run, and his new alliance might prove to be a burden instead of solace.

If Crunch wants Honeyhill liberated, he needs to focus on his job, not on protecting Victor, one of many new arrivals on the farm. Distraction is the last thing he needs after months of undercover work. But it’s hard not to get seduced by Victor's big brown eyes and fingertips that don’t know work. Hundreds of people depend on Crunch keeping his identity a secret, revealing it could be fatal for both him and Victor, and a failure of his mission. Thankfully, Victor would never be dumb enough to try and escape through a forest that's swarming with zombies. Would he?

“Stung” is a standalone book and a part of the “Zombie Gentlemen” universe.

Themes (may contain SPOILERS): zombies, prisoner/guard, beekeeping, gore, deception, undercover agent, captivity, romance, brutality, forced labour camp, murder, farm, torment, forbidden romance, Victorian

Erotic content: explicit m/m sexual scenes (including dubious consent)

Genre: dystopian homoerotic thriller

Length: ~50,000words

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Author
Genre: MM dystopian homoerotic thriller

My Review ... 
Finding MM love/lust during the middle of a historical zombie apocalypse. WHAT? 

That's right that is what I said.  You know it this can only be a K.A. Merikan book with that story line and I adored it.

Here we have the pretty boy Victor who lands in a war type camp who warrants the attention of the bad ass guard Crunch with a sweet heart and large sexual appetite.

I loved that it wasn't just a kinky tryst but more of a sweet love story.

Set in 1907 in the middle of a zombie apocalypse Crunch finds what he needs but can he keep it?  Crunch is trying to create new order and peace in this world but not all his needs are met until Victor lands himself at honeyhill.  To act on their needs there is honey, scary ass bees, assholes, douchebags, secret rendezvous and hope.

What we are left with in the end is hope for Victor and Crunch.

4 Honey Sweet Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up
Stung: Winter Special (Zombie Gentlemen)

It's been a few months since Crunch and his comrades liberated the mob-run prison camp HoneyHill. But content as he is, Crunch can't forget Victor, the beautiful prisoner with whom he shared a brief affair. Taking a leap of faith, he shows up at Victor's door, but will it turn out he really was missed?

This short story is set a few months after the events described in our novel, 'Stung'. It could be read separately, but we advise to read the novel first, as it is not a stand alone.

The book contains explicit M/M erotic content.

Wordcount: 9000


Source: Kindle
Genre: MM dystopian homoerotic thriller

My Review ...

After this taste of hope we were left wanting more.  Even though they started with acting on their needs with others they ended up having a special bond.  I loved getting another glimpse into Victor and Crunch with this short little story. 

I know it was written as an epilogue but I was STILL left with wanting more and I hope maybe one day Victor & Crunch will jump back into the heads of K.A. Merikan and demand that they want more. I'm a hopeless romantic and I need a more solid HEA for these two.

4 Sweet thumbs up!
 thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

As always it's a wild ride with these two but I can't thank them enough for always giving me the opportunity to lose myself into their world. 

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