Friday 11 January 2013

A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire #1)

       A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire #1)

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He saw her first, but his friend made the move.

She settled for the safer choice, but her heart knew the truth.

They love, they crave, they lie.

Garrett McCarthy, Annabelle Parker, and Milo Roberts were as close as friends could get. They shared in each other's joy during graduations, promotions, and engagements. They consoled one another through heartache and loss.

When one of the friend's life is tragically cut short, it's up to the two left behind to pick up the pieces and find out the truth - no matter the cost. As they slowly start to uncover the nature of his deception, and the very powerful people behind it, they begin to question everyone and everything, even themselves.

Everyone has secrets - some do it for love while others do it for power. Those secrets can change perceptions, alter reality and sometimes destroy lives.

What do you do when you find out your whole life has been a lie?

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My Review....

I was so excited to read this book being by Tara Sivec. I know it is a different genre than her others but everything she has written so far has been genius so I was eager to read this.

I had a feeling the storyline was going to be a bit predictiable from the synopsis and it was but with a whole bunch of drama thrown into the mix.  In this case though being predictable was not a bad thing on the contrary it created an angst of anticipation getting to the end knowing what is going to happen.

I loved Parker and Garrett together and it is such a shame that it took so long but often good things happen to those whose wait.  Maybe for them to really appreciate one another they need to go through this journey so it cememented their relationship more than just friends to lovers.

My two downfalls were I found Parker's abilitities a bit over the top for reality but hey I am no CIA so what do I know, maybe Parker is spot on and I am just ignorant (Which is always a possibility big grin)  The other part that I found frustrating sometimes was the multiple POV's sometimes I head to go back and re-read to understand who was speaking.  In the end though these are small details that other people might not even have a problem with.

In this book I was taken away and fell into the land of criminals, angst and suspense. You get caught up in the story while the whole time you are routing for Garrett and Parker to get their heads out of the sand.

I liked this book and give it 4 thumbs up !
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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