Thursday 17 January 2013

Three Stages of Love: Lust Blog Tour

Why doubt love?

After reading all of the feedback from readers of Three Stages of Love: Lust, I’ve noticed that one of the questions that comes up often is How is it possible that two people can fall so hard and so fast for each other in such a short period of time?

As a woman who has fallen in love at first sight, I say “It is possible, and it happens all the time!

Love doesn't have a time frame, an expiration date, or rules for that matter.  The determining factor of how fast, when and where one falls in love is, in my opinion, written by fate.  True love can happen in a moments time, but whether you choose to accept it as love or recognize it as an emotional reaction is entirely up to YOU.

Have you ever met a person who captures your attention but you don't know why?  Have you encountered a man or woman who you just can't stop thinking about or dreaming of? 
How do you know that you haven't experienced love at first sight when there is not an actual definition of what constitutes it?

I know countless women (including myself) who have later in life married that man who they met by chance, but just couldn't get out of their minds.  The moment their eyes locked, or the first words they spoke to each other resonated for days, weeks or years until they were joined once again, or forever. 

But the path that each of us takes on the road to love is different.  There are those who experience an instantaneous attraction to one another, but it leads to nothing more than a one night stand.  And then there are those who meet their soul mate and, in a whirlwind of emotions, they fall in love.  Everyone has a story, and some have many—you may have a different love story you can tell.  Regardless of the story—all that matters is that you believe it exists.

The question that I propose is really, why does it matter if it takes you seconds to fall in love or years?  The focus should be on the fact that love is real, all-fullfilling and people do fall in love at first sight!  I would personally like to see some statistics—not on how many people get divorced each year, but instead on how many people fall in love each day!

Overwhelmed with tragedy and sadness, be it on the news, in newspapers or through conversations, I welcome the opportunity to be told a love story every day.  Let's express the love we feel, the stories we experience and the connections we make.  Let's stop asking why, how and where, and instead lets learn to accept love as it comes to us; through a story, in a movie or with the dark handsome stranger sitting next to you right now!

About the Author: 

T.C. Anthony is a 30-something wife and mother of two. Born in Southern Italy, Anthony has been a proud New Yorker since the age of 5. An executive in the healthcare sector, she is 50% modern, ambitious New York businesswoman and 50% old world Italian mother and wife who enjoys feeding and taking care of everyone around her.

Three Stages of Love: Lust is T.C. Anthony’s first novel, and the debut installment in her Three Stages of Love erotic romance suspense trilogy.

Three Stages of Love: Lust is currently available in paperback via CreateSpace and as an e-book via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Find T.C. Anthony on Twitter and her website.


Three Stages of Love: Lust (#1)

Evangeline Chase is standing at the edge of a crossroad. After choosing to be blissfully ignorant for far too long and willfully ignoring what her life has been lacking, fate is about to intervene. When Alexander Mason, a striking and powerful venture capitalist, is introduced as her new boss, Eva is overwhelmed by an intoxicating cocktail of hormones and lust that leaves her struggling to maintain her composure and more importantly, control of her life.

With an undeniable urge to dominate her new boss, her own lust-filled fantasies lead to a transformation that shakes her to her core. But when Alexander challenges Eva to satisfy her carnal urges, she is forced to choose between her career, her desires, and an unconventional and lustful relationship. Consumed by fear and forced to maintain control at all costs, Eva must decide if having it all is worth risking her career, her world, and possibly, love.

Three Stages of Love: Lust is the first book in a suspenseful new erotic romance series that explores the questions that young women have while embarking on their journey through life and love. Eva’s transformation from prim and proper to fun and dominating proves to be one of the most erotically intriguing personal makeovers around. Her passion for her career and life goals ultimately gives way to uninhibited encounters that leave her intoxicated and yearning for more. Eva’s emotional battle between her heart and mind leave her juggling with a desire to have it all and a profound fear of losing everything.

Written to illustrate the average, driven woman’s point of view, Three Stages of Love: Lust tackles the everyday fears and desires that young women have in an intoxicatingly erotic way. A gripping, palpitation-inducing romance full of underlying themes that are extraordinarily relevant to modern women, this enthralling erotic novel by T. C. Anthony is a must-read for women of all backgrounds. 

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