Thursday 10 January 2013

Sullivan Blog Tour- From This Moment on (Sullivan's #2)

Enjoy the following excerpt for FROM THIS MOMENT ON...

Marcus Sullivan was known for his patience. After helping to raise his seven siblings, he’d learned to wait out tantrums, fistfights, even tears.
But tonight, he was all out of patience.
He’d come to the club tonight to find a woman, to proposition her, to claim her for one no-holds-barred night, but he’d been watching the dancers for long enough to know that he wasn’t going to take a single one of them to bed. None of the women who’d walked in through the thick red curtain in the past thirty minutes had been contenders, either.
Until, suddenly, the curtain parted…and she walked in.
Marcus felt like a fist had slammed straight into his gut.
The woman was young, mid-twenties probably, and so beautiful it almost hurt to look at her. Her black leather dress left nothing to his imagination, fitting her like a second skin with wide cut-outs that ran down the side of her insane curves.
She was the one.
As she stood in the doorway and slowly scanned the crowd, every eye in the room was on her. She was magnetic, had that special something that made it impossible to pull your eyes away from her.
And then her eyes met his, illuminated by a beam of light in the dark room, and although Marcus hadn’t drunk nearly enough at Chase’s engagement party to be unsteady on his feet, one look at those clear blue eyes had him fighting for balance.
What was wrong with him?
He needed to remember, at all times, what tonight was about. Pleasure. Not emotion. Not a relationship. It was okay for certain parts of his body below the waist to react like a match had been lit from nothing more than looking at the woman. Everything else was off-limits. He wasn’t looking for a woman to respect.
And he definitely wasn’t going to fall in love.
The dangerous curves began to shift beneath the thin layer of leather as she moved straight toward him, never once breaking stride, even in impossibly high heels. Marcus couldn’t miss the challenge in her gaze, a look that asked if he was man enough to handle her.
He’d always liked his women tall and slim, not barely coming up to his chest like this one. A voice in his head told him she was way too young for him, young enough that if this were any other night, he’d walk away from her now.
But he wasn’t planning on walking away from whatever this woman offered. Not until first light.
And definitely not until he’d had his fill of those curves.

...Excerpt from FROM THIS MOMENT ON by Bella Andre ©2012

My Review...

Book 2 in the Sullivan's. It starts up immediately after book 1 which I liked.  You quickly find out that Marcus and Nicola have been recently been burned from reality and are looking for a non- commital escape and the last thing the were looking for is what they found .....a deep aching love.

These Sullivans not only have great genes they also have great luck at falling in love at first sight. However in Marcus's case it is so well deserved and you want nothing but the best for him and his huge loyal heart.  As much as I joke and comment about love at first sight in reality it is those loves that sneak attack your heart and make it so much more enjoyable when the love bug bites.

Nicola and Marcus have instant chemistry even in a crowded room and fall for each other immediatley but fall for their true selves instead of the persona that they both put out their for others to see. Love has a way of taking down walls when it is for the best.

This book continues to have all of the Sullivan's present which is great because you fall in love with the whole family and can't wait for them to all find the happiness that they all truly want.

Let's talk about how Marcus's tries to win Nicola back. Swoon. I think we all wish someone would fight for our loves and like that. The patinence and constant pure love oozes out of Marcus and any girl would be silly not to give in. Thank goodness that Nicola could see that and he did not end up with that cold hearted Jill

Another 4 thumbs up for Sullivans.
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  1. Love this review! My favorite part of the book was the ending too--I mean, wouldn't you love a guy to do that for you? Thanks for taking part in our gigantic tour, and if you have time to cross-post your reviews to Amazon and GoodReads, that would be lovely :-D



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