Thursday 13 February 2014

The Dividing Line Blog Tour - #playlist, #giveaway & #review
The Dividing Line Synopsis:

A new love and a new life.

Drake left Chicago with little more than the clothes on his back to be with his girlfriend Lacey. Though he has no regrets, he sometimes wonders if his time spent in Paris has put his life on hold. He’s overworked and underpaid at his dead-end job, and his employer sees him as expendable. His bright light at the end of the day is Lacey, but he finds himself slowly falling into the shadow of her newly-acquired fame. The city of love has found their new starlet in Lacey, but Drake is simply the man by her side.

With all good things there comes a price.

Lacey has been living the dream. She arrived in Paris with nothing but heartache and loss. Now, she’s the rising star of the city’s newest opera and dating the man of her dreams. When her performance contract is extended, she must decide if her new life of glitz and glam is what’s best for a future with the man she loves—or if it’s just what’s best for her.

Paris brought Drake and Lacey together. But when their hopes for the future begin taking them in different directions, they must a find common ground or risk a line dividing them that may prove to be insurmountable.

The Dividing Line is the sequel to the new adult multicultural romance The Space Between.


Victoria Smith Bio:

Victoria H. Smith has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. She puts it to good use writing romance all day. She resides in the Midwest with her Macbook on her lap and a cornfield to her right. She often draws inspiration for her stories from her own life experiences, and the twenty-something characters she writes give her an earful about it.

In her free time, she enjoys extreme couponing, blogging, reading, and sending off a few tweets on Twitter when she can. She writes new adult fiction romance in the sub-genres of science fiction, urban fantasy, and contemporary, but really, anywhere her pen takes her she goes.


The Dividing Line Trailer:

The Dividing Line Playlist

Source: eARC for Honest Review from Author
Genre: NA Multicultural Romance Contemporary

My Review...

This is a book two in a series and starts off where The Space Between Left off with Drake and Lacey in Paris.  Here Lacey is living her dream while Drake is being the ever loving supportive boyfriend but who is living vicariously through Lacey and her wants and aspirations.

For Lacey she is super successful where Drake is just getting by.  This starts to cause problems because Drake is crazy prideful where Lacey is blissfully ignorant to some things.

Drake starts to realize that he needs more than to follow Lacey but he doesn't want to hinder her dreams in anyway.  With this revelation Drake returns to Chicago and Lacey remains in Paris.  They will only be separated for three months which for me feels like nothing but I forget what it is like to be 18 and that length of time feels like your world is ending.

The separation is tough between the two and the busier Lacey gets the more Drake has time to think.  Here he starts to realize what he is missing and what he wants to do, where Lacey is getting over worked and realizes that her dreams are not as important without her heart.

This is a very cute story about love, loss and diversity.  The hardships that Lacey and Drake have to go through between cultures is heartbreaking and it kills me that is more of a reality than just fiction for some couples.  Lacey and Drake have a hard time but with this they grow as individuals and it does nothing but strengthen their bond together.

3.5 Dividing Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up. 5 



Heart and Seoul Free Novella
Heart & Seoul 

A young man journeys to his home country of South Korea, hoping to unlock the secrets of his past with his fiancée by his side. Heart & Seoul is book 2.5 in The Space Between series and is not a standalone. 

The time was 7:04 a.m. Seoul time, and he was almost home…

Drake has been through a lot with his fiancée Lacey, but the biggest obstacle has yet to come.

His journey into adulthood has been one constant struggle due to doors left open from his past. By definition, Drake was adopted into a good home, one of opulence and opportunity. But he wonders about his former life, and the country he was forced to leave behind.

In search of closure, Drake heads to his home country of South Korea with Lacey by his side. He hopes seeking out his birth mother will give him peace, help him on his way to healing, before he begins his new life with his fiancée.

Told from the voice of Lacey, Heart & Seoul is the story of one man’s search for identity as seen through the eyes of the woman who loves him.

A note to the reader from the author: Heart & Seoul is book 2.5 in The Space Between series. It is not a standalone and available for free on Smashwords. 

Get it today at Smashwords | Heart & Seoul

My Review... 

This is basically an epilogue to Lacey and Drake and it was beautiful.  Drake and Lacey get the answers they need and we get to see how it all turns out for these two and know that they pulled through. 

This series is a great series about finding love where you least expect it and even though the odds are against you love is enough to pull through in the end.

For this novella I will give it a 5 because I loved it! 

5 Heartfelt Thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

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