Monday 5 May 2014

A Beautiful Distraction (Hard Feelings #3) by Kelsie Leverich - #review
A Beautiful Distraction (Hard Feelings #3)


A brand new novel in the New York Times bestselling Hard Feelings series—where nothing’s more dangerous than a bad boy with a broken heart…

First Sergeant Rafe Murano did everything to the extreme. He trained harder, he fought harder, and, unfortunately, he loved harder. And falling for the wrong woman nearly destroyed him.

Home from a deployment, and without his missions to consume him, Murano is ravaged by memories of his heartbreak. So he drinks until he’s numb and drowns himself in meaningless one-night stands. But they only take the edge off…

Until he meets Fallon.

Haunted by her past, Fallon Kelly knows all too well about the desperate desire for an escape. So when she sees the tatted-up bad boy who’s one punch away from a ride in the back of a squad car, she offers a distraction—one that quickly becomes an addiction.

Little does she know, this bad boy can love so hard, it can break her…

Source: eARC for Honest Review by NAL Trade
Genre: Adult Contemporary

My Review ...

This is part of a series but it could have been read as a stand alone.  I think Rafe may be my favorite in the hard feeling men series.

Rafe has a huge heart and loves hard even if its the wrong woman.  Still recovering from a wounded heart Rafe wants a distraction which he finds with Fallon.

Fallon has her own issues and doesn't let anyone in so a distraction is all she can be.

Immediately the chemistry is sizzling and the big hearted Rafe falls once again. 

The two of them didn't know that they needed each other and now they are struggling to make it work
"We've both become experts on the way a man looks when he wants something. But Rafe, baby - that man didn't just look at you like he wanted you right then and there in the middle of the road in every delicious way a man could want a woman. He looked at you like he needed you. In the way a woman wants to be needed. In the way a woman deserves to be needed. And, baby, I'd say that man is exactly what you need."
 Rafe is a family man through and through.  It is one of the reasons he loves so fiercely because all he knows is a strong pure love that he saw from his mom and dad.   All the brothers love huge and possessively. 
"And she ain't gotta be pretty, son, but it sure doesn't hurt. But if she lets you hold her while everyone's watchin', you know she'll love you even when everyone's gone."

"You find a woman who'll let you hold her when you need her, and you've struck gold."

"All I know, little brother, is if you want to give her the world, first you've gotta find your place in it."

"Luck's got nothing to do with it, sweetie. I love a Murano. It's part of the package. Endless, soul-crushing love is what you sign up for when you love a Murano." 

"He's a Murano. He'll love you so fiercely that you'll question every other love you've felt before him, and no other love will ever compare after him. I promise you.  You're a lucky woman to have him, Fallon. Family is everything to these men. Fists and all."  

This distraction ends up so much more. 

I love this series.  But lets be honest it will be hard to top a Murano but I have a sneaky feeling that Kelsie will be able to do it.  I can't wait to read more from Kelsie Leverich. This book and series is fun, steamy and full of love with some hardships thrown in between. 

4 Rafe loving thumbs up!
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up


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