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Deeper Than Dreams (Love & Steel #1.5) by Jessica Topper ~ #bookreview #rockstarromance @BerkleyRomance @SignetEclipse
Deeper Than Dreams (Love & Steel #1.5)


Will wedding bells rock out for Louder Than Love’s most beloved couple in this Love and Steel novella?

Falling in love with rock star Adrian “Digger” Graves was a dream come true for former librarian Kat Lewis. But with a little help from friends and family—including Kat’s adorable daughter, Abbey—Adrian has planned an evening and a proposal beyond her wildest dreams.

The night before, Kat witnessed the triumphant reunion of Adrian’s rock band at Madison Square Garden. Tonight, he will escort her to the elegant, ultra-exclusive Library Lion’s benefit. It seems like a fairytale, but even fairytales have a deeper, darker side. When old habits return to tempt her knight in shining heavy metal armor, will Kat’s happily ever after come crashing back to reality?

THIS IS AN EPILOGUE NOVELLA THAT PICKS UP THE DAY AFTER LOUDER THAN LOVE ENDS. This novella is intended to be read after Louder Than Love.

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Source: eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix | Penguin Group
Genre: Adult Rock Star Contemporary Romance Novella
Part #1.5 of an ongoing series

My Deeper Than Dreams Review ...

First off my biggest regret is NOT re-reading Louder Than Love first, as its been awhile since I first read Louder Than Love and a lot of the elements have slipped my mind.  The only main elements that I do remember are loving Adrian, and I do recall Kat's insecurities grating on me a bit, but my love for Adrian prevailed making me want to read more. 

Right from the beginning, Adrian again wins me over with all of his awesomeness.  As Adrian continues to wow me, Kat has some strong elements to her as well as some very weak ones.  Like her insecurities getting in the way of her 'what ifs'.

Could I throw all the worries and "what ifs" to the wind?  (Yes for god sakes you can!  This is Adrian, British rock god extraordinaire we are talking about! )

Now that Adrian has faced his demons with the love of his life on his arms, he's ready to jump back into the chaos.  However, Kat may not be ready for this leap.  Thankfully we get to see more of Rick and I can NOT wait to read Softer Than Steel and find out what makes that man tick. 

"I'm saying that out of the utmost respect, sweetheart.  Playtime is over.  You've got to be the strong one.  You can't be a bottomless pit of need.  Or you will lose him."  (Ouch! Rick, but those words have truth to them.)

As Kat is quickly faced with her doubts and uncertainties,  Adrian does everything in his power to make this time around right, for not only him but for Kate and Abbey as well.   Do I like this series?  Yes.  Did I love Adrian and Kat as a couple?  Yes, but especially Adrian as he just steals the show.  I know at times I may sound like a bitch when I get irritated with insecure heroines.  However, in this genre it just seems over done and redundant, that when I come across yet another one it lessens the effect of the story for me.  Will I continue with this series?  Yes.  Even though there were elements of Kat I may not have liked, it didn't mean that I didn't like the idea of the story or how Jessica writes.  If anything both of those are the selling factor for me.  

3.5 Adrian Loving Thumbs up!

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up . 5



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