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Behind Closed Doors (The Daniel Brothers)

Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers #1)

(Adult Romance)

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Elizabeth Marshall spent the last nine years doing all the things she was supposed to do. She went to a good college. Married a man with a promising future. Elizabeth even had a nice house in a respectable part of town. There was even the promise of 2.4 kids in her future. From the outside everything looked picture perfect.

One night, six months ago, the world she lived in came crashing down. Her husband dead and her friends gone, Elizabeth moves to the small town of Springfield to start a new life for herself where no one knows who she is or anything to do with her past.

Christopher Daniels enjoys the simplicity of his bachelor life. After his divorce three years ago, he swore off women. He has no desire to change that philosophy.

When Elizabeth Marshall moves into the apartment below him in the small Victorian house, she makes him begin to reconsider the motto he’s lived by for the last three years: women are trouble. She is everything is ex wife was not and it doesn’t help that she is his wet dream come to life.

He is determined to resist her charms, however when someone starts sending threatening messages to Elizabeth, he finds himself in the role of protector. Can he protect Elizabeth and still be able to resist the pull she has on his body and his heart?

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My Review...

I first read the Finding Anna series by Sherri Hayes so of course I wanted to read more of her writing since I loved those books. I found this book and was happy to read it.

From the beginning you are unsure of what the back story of Elizabeth's but you are hooked from the beginning.  And with Chris you know he is fighting it but once he realizes what Elizabeth is to him he opens himself up and you fall for him and you want so badly for them to work out. 

There downstairs neighbor is awesome as well as Chris's whole family. The Dynamic of the family is great and I can't wait to read Gage's story next. 

I liked the twists and turns of this story and was a bit shocked about who was the problem in this book. Sherri had kept you guessing for quite awhile. 

Worth a read for sure. 4 thumbs up! 
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers, #1)


  1. This is wonderful... Thank you so much.. I LOVE THIS SERIES.. and I can't wait to read all about GAGE too!!!

    1. Thank you for the comment -

      Sherri Hayes is an amazing author. I have also downloaded Hidden Threat by her as well but have not had the chance to read it yet. The Finding Anna Series is also great!

      Happy Reading! L


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