Tuesday 28 August 2012

Paint Me True

Paint Me True

(LDS Adult)

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Eliza began her twenties at the height of popularity. She was beautiful, stylish, and as a professional painter, had the coolest career of all of her friends. Men from church were lining up to date her, but at age thirty, she finds herself out of money, living off family charity, and dating the nerdiest loser she's ever met with no better prospects on the horizon.

A phone call from her beloved aunt summons her to Oxford, England, where she has the opportunity to paint a series depicting the ideal romance, a project that will change the way she sees life and love forevermore.

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My Review...

After I read Castles on the Sand I had to read more of E.M. Tippetts read so I bought this book and was super excited with the choice. 

Eliza's journey of finding what is right for her is a good journey. It is hard to see something that is great when it is right in front of you especially when we have pressures of what if's, social media and others expectations to help confuse us. 

Once Eliza gets to England you truly start to like her. At first I thought I wanted her to be with Colin but in the end I was so happy with her choice of Len. I was shocked to find out the truth of Nora but thought with Eliza's journey through her art was thought provoking and beautiful.  Sometimes it is true that we want to see a different story of reality to give us some peace. 

Eliza's realizations of thoughts, meanings and family are beautifully told. 

4 thumbs up for this story! 
thumbs upthumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Paint Me True

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